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Clinical Microsystems Clerkship (CMC)

The UCSF School of Medicine Bridges Curriculum Clinical Microsystems Clerkship (CMC) is an innovative longitudinal clinical skills course that leverages the power of education in the first two years of medical school to advance health and train transformational 21st century physicians. First year students will contribute to improved patient experience, safety, and quality. Second year students will refine direct patient care skills in preparation for clerkships. All students will gain foundational knowledge and skills in health systems science, interprofessional teamwork, as well as the care of patients and populations.

CMC Microsystems have these characteristics

  1. Provide first year students with opportunities for longitudinal clinical systems improvement activities during weekly half-day workplace learning sessions
  2. Define a specific role for students on the interprofessional team that allows students to meaningfully contribute to systems improvement efforts
  3. Provide students with data that allows measurement of systems improvement work
  4. Embed students as members of the interprofessional clinical team
  5. Promote the gradual acceleration of student roles and responsibilities over time
  6. Offer direct patient care clinical skills application opportunities
  7. Include a lead person on the interprofessional team to facilitate the student’s work  
  8. Allow students’ assigned faculty coaches to oversee progress and guide learning.

Sample CMC systems activities and value-added student roles include: quality improvement, patient safety, patient experience, patient access, care coordination, health coaching. These longitudinal learning experiences will be concentrated in the first year of medical school.

Direct patient care learning and application activities include: taking a history, performing a physical examination, and providing patient education. These clinical practice opportunities will occur in the simulation setting with standardized patients in students’ first year, and expand to include actual clinical settings in multiple disciplines in students’ second year.

Each faculty coach will oversee the CMC learning experience for a group of 6 students assigned to one health care system (e.g. UCSF Health: Mt. Zion, Mission Bay, Lakeshore, China Basin; Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital; San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center; or San Bruno Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic).  Coaches will be involved in students’ systems improvement activities, direct patient care skills application, standardized patient case learning, small group learning, formative assessments, as well as individual learning plans and guidance.

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Academic Calendar: For the academic year 2017-18, incoming first year medical students start CMC in August of 2017 and break for summer in June of 2018. Second year students return for CMC year 2 in August of 2017 and end in December 2017. 

Our Team

CMC experiences will be overseen by Site Directors at major UCSF locations:  San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center (SFVAMC), San Bruno Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic,  Zuckeberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFG), and UCSF Health (Mt. Zion, Mission Bay, Lakeshore and China Basin).  Site Directors will lead the development of ZSFG, SFVAMC and UCSF Health microsystems as clinical skills learning homes for first-year medical students. In addition, faculty coaches will collaborate closely with the directors to ensure meaningful systems improvement experiences for students as well as consistency and integration of clinical skills learning activities. The coaches will play a vital role in overseeing medical students throughout their medical school curriculum.

Clinical Microsystems Faculty Leadership

  • Anna Chang, MD, CMC Director
  • Susannah Cornes, MD, CMC Co-Director, Direct Patient Care
  • Edgar Pierluissi, MD, CMC Co-Director, Health Systems Improvement
  • Daphne Lo, MD, Site Director, San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center and San Bruno Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic
  • Meg McNamara, MD, Site Director, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital
  • Stephanie Rennke, MD
    Shannon Fogh, MD

    Site Directors, UCSF Health (Mt. Zion, Mission Bay, Lakeshore, China Basin)

CMC Administration