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Bridges News

  • Faculty Approve Blueprint for Bridges Curriculum

  • The voices of many are the foundation of the new Bridges Curriculum. To hear what the various constituencies at UCSF deem most important to advancing physician education, UCSF Medical Education gathered educators, clinicians, scientists, staff and students at the Presidio Institute in March for a day of brainstorming at the 2014 Medical Education Retreat.
  • A bold decision in the design of the Bridges Curriculum is to move the date students sit for the required USMLE Step 1 exam to February of the third year of medical school after students have finished the majority of their core foundational science and clinical curricula. 

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The UCSF 21st century physician will have individual expertise grounded in inquiry and collaborative expertise with teams and within systems.
- Bridges Vision

UCSF is a world class research university and teaching hospital that sets the brightest minds to work on the most challenging obstacles to health. There has been a growing recognition that our health care system is struggling. Despite spending over $2.5 trillion per year on health care, the US still ranks 16th amongst 17 peer countries in health outcomes. UCSF is rising to the next big challenge. Through the Bridges Curriculum, we aspire to engage our medical students in meeting that challenge as they train and evolve into the 21st century physicians who will continue to participate in building the solution.

To achieve our goals, the Bridges Curriculum will provide authentic workplace learning experiences that leverage the talents and commitment of our students to improve health today while sustaining these skills in future practice.