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  • The UCSF Bridges Curriculum will leverage the power of medical education to advance health care today while preparing graduates for their roles as transformational 21st Century Physicians. We will educate our medical students to embrace the roles and responsibilities of the 21st century physician: a collaborative physician who is deeply committed to providing the highest quality care for today’s patients and to advancing medicine and health care for future generations of patients.
  • The voices of many are the foundation of the new Bridges Curriculum. To hear what the various constituencies at UCSF deem most important to advancing physician education, UCSF Medical Education gathered educators, clinicians, scientists, staff and students at the Presidio Institute in March for a day of brainstorming at the 2014 Medical Education Retreat.

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UCSF School of Medicine is transforming medical education to better prepare the 21st Century Physician to improve health and reduce the burden from suffering and disease, while simultaneously improving the health care environment.

Bridges Curriculum Blueprint


Foundations 1 Students will acquire foundational knowledge in basic and clinical sciences, while building the habits of an inquiring physician and contributing in a meaningful way to health care.

Foundations 2 During the immersion in clinical settings, students will advance their core clinical, science, and systems skills as a member of a healthcare team, while beginning to define a deeper exploration of inquiry in one or more core domains of science.

Career Launch This phase will be personalized with time for advanced clinical learning and a scholarly project (Deep Explore) that will launch the graduate’s career into residency.