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The UCSF Bridges Curriculum will leverage the power of medical education to advance health care and biomedical research today while preparing graduates for their roles as transformational 21st Century Physicians.


Patient Centeredness    Inquiry and Discovery Interdependent CollaborationContinuous Improvement


In the UCSF Bridges Curriculum, medical students will join interprofessional teams from the beginning of their medical education to deliver and continuously improve health care for patients.  Students will be taught strategies to discover solutions to medicine’s most challenging problems using a combination of classroom, authentic workplace and mentored independent learning opportunities that:

  • Enrich the teaching of core scientific concepts with learning experiences that empower students to explore complex real world problems in the biomedical sciences, medicine and health care using the tools of inquiry from multiple domains of science.
  • Engage both the enduring physician competencies of patient centered clinical reasoning and therapeutic management and the emerging physician competencies in systems improvement, informatics, and population management and interprofessional teamwork to create better systems of care.
  • Challenge students to work collaboratively to explore an important problem in medicine by engaging in deeper learning in the scientific domain of their choice.

UCSF and AMA Consortium are Reimagining Medical Education