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Medical Education
Bridges Curriculum

Bridges Innovations

  • integration of basic sciences and clinical applications throughout Foundations I and II phases
  • creation of a new longitudinal workplace learning experience course called the Clinical Microsystems Clerkship in which 1st and 2nd year students spend a week a day in a clinical microsystem
  • implementation of a curriculum in “inquiry” which helps students recognize limits of current knowledge and develop in methods of discovery in various scientific domains

Student Experiences

  • participation in a longitudinal clerkship in health systems
  • dedicated time for scholarly projects in one of the core domains of science
  • a closely mentored, individualized advising system
  • a flexible science-learning environment enabled by online learning tools
  • opportunities to individualize their education for their career goals



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The new UCSF Bridges Curriculum will be a three-phase, fully integrated curriculum delivered over four years. Components of the curriculum are being phased in slowly between 2014 and 2016 with the entire Bridges Curriculum launching in fall of 2016.

The 45 month curriculum is broken into three phases: Foundations I (17 months), Foundations II (14 months) and Career Launch (14 months).

Three curricular elements will be woven throughout the three phases: foundational sciences, clinical and systems applications, and inquiry activities.