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TEE Innovations Lab

In this time of rapid change in technology, education and healthcare, very few people have the knowledge and skills to be experts in it all.  To create significant impact, we must bring divergent areas together into a singular effort and focus. The TEE Innovations Lab is designed to bring these expert areas together as a team with specific goals, and focus to make significant enhancements in how we develop and engage our community of learners in the UCSF Bridges Curriculum.

We bring together innovative technologies for teaching and learning, world class educators and scientists, and the best practices in creativity and design thinking to make significant progress in how we educate our learners. Members of the TEE Innovations Lab collaborate as a team on specific projects using innovative technologies, design strategies, prototyping, and research to create positive impact in the UCSF Bridges Curriculum.

We aim to transform how people learn through the best combination of innovative technologies, learning science, and health science.  

For more information contact: Christian Burke, Director


TEE Innovations Lab Current Projects


VR for Anatomy

Project: Dr. Derek Harmon and Dr. Kimberly Topp

This innovation effort aims to enhance our excellent anatomy education program in the UCSF Bridges curriculum with Virtual Reality for anatomy lessons.  First year medical students have the opportunity to supplement their time spent in our real world anatomy lab with practice time in a Virtual Reality anatomy lab.  Each lesson in VR is blended with the student’s current work in the anatomy curriculum and designed to support the lessons.  Virtual Reality offers learners the chance to practice anatomy in an immersive learning environment, shows the anatomy in three dimensions, and allows the learners to interact with virtual anatomy structures in ways they aren’t possible in the traditional lab.



Live Video in Education (Zoom connecting classroom, clinics, labs)

Project: Various leaders in UCSF Bridges Curriculum

UCSF is a worldwide enterprise that attracts top researchers, educators and clinicians across many locations with distributed people.  This innovation project aims to create an easier method for educators to teach live sessions across the UCSF Bridges curriculum from distributed locations using Zoom.  We guide and develop educators so they can live stream high quality educational sessions from their location into UCSF lecture halls, small groups, and also guide clinics as they live stream their educational sessions to other clinics, labs, and locations.




Catchbox is a throwable microphone designed to boost audience participation. We're rolling this out for use in the UCSF Bridges curriculum in lectures and other times groups come together as a way to promote engagement and more active learning.