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Technology Enhanced Education’s ongoing collaboration with faculty and other partners has produced hundreds of videos for the School of Medicine’s curriculum. The resulting lessons are incorporated into the curriculum as part of a blended learning strategy, whereby the students can learn at their own pace, on their own time. In the example to the right, Drs. Priyanka Agarwal and Alvin Rajkomar cover the history and a basic understanding of the Electronic Health Record. They discuss possible patient care advances made possible by EHRs, and critically analyze the benefits and risks.

View more videos like this on the School of Medicine YouTube channel.



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The Technology Enhanced Education (TEE)  team is an innovative group of designers, technologists, and thinkers who empower medical education and the health sciences education community to train the physician and health care team of the 21st century. We design and build the technology that keeps the education mission moving forward, and provide key support, innovation, data, and design services for the medical education community. Deploying the highest quality informatics expertise, tools, and services, we support and enhance the learning process and deliver cutting edge educational experiences, all while constantly refining our aims, methods, and approaches to better serve our students, faculty, and staff colleagues.

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