Global Health Clincal Mentor Agreement, Expectations, & Resources

Clinical Global Health Mentor Instructions/Expectations

A mentor’s responsibilities for an international clinical rotation:

  • Meet with your student before the rotation to agree on and fill out a Global Health Elective Course Objectives Form together. (Student will upload completed form to their application). Form is also available on the UME Forms website
  • Complete Mentor Endorsement form. (Learner will email you with links and instructions.)
  • Exchange weekly emails to check in on student goals while the student is abroad.
  • Be available by email if questions arise on goals, issues, or questions that cannot be resolved with the local program staff.
  • Meet after the rotation for a debriefing. Review what was accomplished. If some goals were not completed, does the student want to do anything else to make more progress? How does this experience fit into their academic trajectory?


See the deadlines page for up to date information.

Clinical Global Health Mentor Resources

  1. Email support: Please email one of the global health advisors if you have any questions about international clinical mentorship
  2. A useful review of mentorship in Global Health education in available on page 107, in Global Health Training in Graduate Medical Education
  3. Students can use this Meeting Record Template for future work in clinical or project settings