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Medical Education
Medical Student Education

Foundations 1 Faculty Leadership



Element Leaders

ARCH (Assessment, Reflection, Coaching & Health)

Director: Cathy Lomen-Hoerth

CMC (Clinical Microsystem Clerkship)

Director: Anna Chang

Co-Director, Direct Patient Care: Susannah Cornes

Co-Director, Health Systems Improvement: Edgar Pierluissi


Site Directors:

SFVAMC: Daphne Lo 

UCSF Health: Shannon Fogh and Stephanie Rennke

ZSFG: Meg McNamara

Foundational Science Blocks

Ground School

Director: Marieke Kruidering

Director: Raga Ramachandran

Assistant Director: Susie Wlodarczyk


ABC (Airways, Blood, and Circulation)

Director: Dana Rohde

Director: Leslie Zimmerman

Assistant Director: John Turnbull


H&I (Health & the Individual)

Director: Megha Garg

Director: Jason Satterfield

Assistant Director: Archna Eniasivam 


REGN (REGulatioN)

Director: Tracy Fulton

Director: Justin Sewell

Assistant Director: Leticia Rolon


H&S (Health & Society)

Director: Megha Garg

Director: Dan Dohan

Assistant Director: Archna Eniasivam  


PhD (Pathogens and Host Defenses)

Director: Brian Schwartz

Director: Peter Chin-Hong

Assistant Director: Aisha Ahmed


Life Stages

Director: Naomi Stotland

Director: Andi Marmor

Assistant Director: Josette Rivera


BMB (Brain, Movement, and Behavior)

Director: Dan Lowenstein

Director: Andy Josephson

Director: Descartes Li

Assistant Director: Aaron Clark


DR (Diagnostic Reasoning)

Director: Denise Connor

Assistant Director: Sirisha Narayana

Inquiry Program

Program Director: Gordon “Buck” Strewler

Director, Core Inquiry Curriculum: Michelle Hermiston

Director, Inquiry Immersion: Scott Oakes