Explore Projects & Research Mentors on LabSpot

Inquiry: The lifelong process of challenging current concepts and creating new knowledge

Explore Projects & Research Mentors on LabSpot

Once a student has logged in and set up their LabSpot account, they are ready to begin the search for a project opportunity or mentor. Students will be given the option to take a short tour of the homepage, which will run through the different methods of searching or browsing the system, including:

  • Search: Allows students to search the Labspot database as well as UCSF Profiles for keywords relating to research topics, mentor names, and is even connected to the Pubmed database
  • Browse Opportunities: Allows students to browse opportunities posted to Labspot, with relevant opportunities sorted based on the interests entered
  • Browse Researchers: Allows students to browse UCSF researchers in Labspot, with most relevant researchers sorted based on the interests entered

Inquiry Projects

PROF-PATH: “Promoting Research Opportunities Fully – Prospective Academics Transforming Health” is a program of the Inquiry Curriculum and the UCSF School of Medicine led by Dr. Alicia Fernandez.  It is designed to create research opportunities and to offer innovative career development support for underrepresented in medicine medical students interested in research in any area, and to any student interested in health disparities research. 

Inquiry Symposium: An annual event that showcases learners' innovation. At this year’s Inquiry Symposium and Pathways to Discovery Awards, over 100 medical students, mentors, faculty and staff gathered at the Parnassus campus to learn about the latest research led by students and residents from the UCSF schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Nursing. Browse the posters from the 2018 Symposium.

The Inquiry Habit of Mind:  How can we train physicians of the 21st century to address and manage health problems that have not yet emerged?  How do we prepare our graduates to use tools, technologies and treatments that have not yet been invented? Watch a video to learn more.

Video from Elizabeth Bayha on Vimeo.

The Inquiry Curriculum 

Unlike traditional medical school content, Inquiry Curriculum teaches a “habit of mind.” Because of this, it has been applied within all phases of the Bridges Curriculum and is composed of three distinct steps.  

Core InquiryWeekly facilitated small groups explore current, complex, and cutting-edge scientific or health care problems through the lens of two or more scientific disciplines (e.g., the appropriate response to electronic cigarettes, or new approaches to antimicrobial resistance). Through this component, learners build competency in using inquiry tools from each of the Six Domains of Science 

Inquiry Immersion: Two-weeks of research-focused didactics, scholarship skill-building experiences, and selective Mini-Courses presented by preeminent UCSF faculty scholars integrated with learners from the School of Pharmacy. Through this component, students continue to refine skills in inquiry, connect to a community of practice, and begin planning of their own independent scholarship.      

Deep Explore: Up to 20 weeks registered time during the Career Launch phase when students conduct focused, mentored research with a UCSF faculty member on a topic of their choosing. While some students may enter the Biomedical or Clinical Science Domain, scholarly projects range from any of the health sciences.  Community health, health systems improvement, population health work in under-resourced areas, and high impact medical humanities projects are just some of the non-traditional areas in which UCSF students have made a meaningful contribution with this requirement.