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Doctoral Program in Health Professions Education

About the UCSF-UMC Utrecht Collaborative Doctoral Program in Health Professions Education

In 2010, UCSF joined in a collaboration to sponsor a Doctoral Program in Medical Education with Utrecht University Medical Center (UMC Utrecht). This collaboration makes possible an economical but rigorous opportunity for scholarly advancement for promising educational researchers. Successful candidates graduate with a PhD in Medical Education or Health Professions Education from UMC Utrecht.

UMC Utrecht is home to the medical school of Utrecht University in the Netherlands. UMC Utrecht is a strong research-oriented institution, with interest in medical education research. T.J. (Olle) ten Cate, PhD, professor of education at UMC Utrecht, is the Director of the program and is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

UCSF, as a health sciences campus, is dedicated to post-graduate professional education in dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and with a graduate division granting academic degrees in biological, biomedical, pharmaceutical, nursing social and behavioral sciences. UCSF’s Pathways to Discovery program in Health Professions Education, its year-long Teaching Scholars Program, and its focus on educational research with five dedicated faculty make it a forerunner in medical education. RaDME faculty serve locally as supervisors and “promoters” for the joint program’s PhD candidates in San Francisco.

NOTE: Program is closed to new applicants until the fall of 2017, when we will once again accept applications for a January 2018 start date.


The goals of the Doctoral Program are to:

  • Provide the tools and guidance to enable faculty to advance their scholarly careers in medical education research
  • Support and fund protected time for UCSF faculty to conduct hypothesis-driven educational research
  • Deepen the scholarly commitment of UCSF faculty to the UCSF educational research areas:
    • Clinical teaching
    • Curriculum development outcomes
    • Teaching and curriculum in patient care
    • Innovating assessment approaches
    • Integration of basic and clinical sciences
    • Portfolios
    • Professionalism
    • Reflection

Program Details

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