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Medical Education
Center for Faculty Educators

Distinguished Teaching Awards

The Center for Faculty Educators (CFE) hosts an annual ceremony for UCSF School of Medicine teaching awards, including:

  • Charlotte Baer Memorial Award
    Presented annually to a member of the Volunteer Clinical Faculty of the School of Medicine in recognition of distinguished service, this award is named in honor of Dr. Charlotte Baer (1908-1973), practicing internist in San Francisco and a member of the volunteer clinical faculty for almost 30 years.
    • Recipient for 2017: John F. Brown, MD, MPA, Department of Emergency Medicine
  • Special Recognition Awards
    Presented to members of the Volunteer Clinical Faculty who have made contributions through excellence in teaching, and significant contributions in the field of medicine, this award is to recognize a variety of instructors from individual departments that rotate yearly.
    • Recipients for 2017: Douglas Corley, MD, Department of Medicine; Kevin Hiler, MD, Department of Surgery; Richard Oken, MD, Department of Pediatrics; and Lisa Tang, MD, Department of Family and Community Medicine
  • Bridges Curriculum - Foundations 1 Teaching Awards
    These annual awards represent an honor to recipients, as they are based on nominations from 1st- and 2nd-year medical students recognizing outstanding instructors.
    • ​Recipients for 2017:
      • Committment to Teaching: Jesse Nussbaum, MD, Department of Medicine Medicine

      • Excellence in Innovative Teaching Modalities: Gabriel Mannis, MD, Department of Medicine

      • Excellence in Small Group Instruction by Faculty Member: Lisa Winston, MD, Department of Medicine

      • Excellence in Small Group Instruction by Student Instructor: Jackie DesJardin, MD, Class of 2017

      • Inspirational Teaching: Igor Mitrovic, MD, Department of Physiology

      • Outstanding Lecture: Jennifer Cocohoba, PharmD, Department of Clinical Pharmacy

      • Outstanding Lecture Series: Peter Chin-Hong, MD, Department of Medicine

  • Henry J. Kaiser Awards for Excellence in Teaching
    Since 1969, the School of Medicine has recognized exceptional faculty instructors through these annual awards.  They bestow significant academic distinction, as well as a modest monetary award for the winners.  The Henry J. Kaiser Awards for Excellence in Teaching are significant as only medical students and residents can nominate any faculty who teaches medical students or residents.
    • Recipients for 2017
      • Excellence in Teaching in an Ambulatory Care Setting: Emma Samelson-Jones, MD, Department of Psychiatry
      • Excellence in Teaching in a Classroom Setting: Mary (Mimi) Margaretten, MD, Department of Medicine
      • Excellence in Teaching in an Inpatient Care Setting: Cynthia Fenton, MD, Department of Medicine
      • Excellence in Teaching in the Fresno Medical Education Program: Lawrence Sue, MD, FACS Department of Surgery (Fresno)
  • Maxine Papadakis Awards for Faculty Professionalism and Respect
    The Maxine Papadakis Awards recognize faculty who are exemplars in treating students and all others in the clinical environment with professionalism, courtesy and respect. The importance of publicly rewarding outstanding behavior in shaping excellent cultures of learning and patient care cannot be overestimated. By celebrating the faculty teachers in the core clinical rotations, we have the opportunity to significantly impact the clinical learning climate for our students.
    • Recipients for 2017
      • Dorre Nicholau, MD, PhD, Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care
      • Stephanie Rennke, MD, Department of Medicine
      • Jessica Opoku-Anane, MD, MS, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
      • Patrick Newman, MD, MSP Physician, Deparment of Pediatrics
      • David Elkin, MD, MSL, Department of Psychiatry
      • John MacKenzie, MD, Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging

The 2016-2017 Teaching Awards Ceremony took place on October 18, 2017, in Cole Hall Auditorium at the Parnassus Campus. See program booklet here.

For more information, email Ivan Mendez.