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Medical Education
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Academy Membership Application

The Academy inducts new members each year and accepts new applications in the spring. To learn more about the Academy of Medical Educators, read the section on benefits and obligations of membership.

2018 Academy Membership Application Timeline

March 20

Call for applications

April 17

Attend the Educator's Portfolio Workshop (optional), 1-5pm at Parnassus

April 20

Deadline to request a coach

April 30

Deadline to submit draft applications for administrative review

May 4

AME response to administrative review with application link

May 23

Deadline to submit final application

May 23

Deadline for referees to email letters of support to AME

Mid-late August

Notification of candidates

Wednesday, September 26

Celebration of New Members


Application Coaching: To support candidates through this process and maximize successful applications, we offer a coaching program that pairs a candidate with a trained AME coach. Our recent experience indicates that coached candidates submit stronger applications; we expect that candidates will request coaches. 

Eligibility: We welcome applications from excellent educators in UME, GME, and faculty development for teachers and educators, and we equally weight well-documented accomplishments in any of these areas. However, extensive clinically focused CME is rarely helpful for the AME application. Strongest candidates demonstrate scope beyond their own department, in addition to direct impact on UCSF learners.

When to Apply: Mandatory minimum of 3 years on faculty prior to applying, preferably at UCSF. While we certainly encourage youth in our membership process, it is important that there is enough longitudinal data to judge the application, especially in the Teaching and Educational Leadership roles.

Educational Roles: There are five roles in which a candidate may apply:

  1. Teaching
  2. Mentoring and Advising
  3. Curriculum Development, Instructional Design and Technology
  4. Educational Leadership
  5. Learner Assessment
  • All candidates must apply in Teaching.
  • Candidates who hold a significant leadership role (e.g. course, clerkship or residency director) must apply in Educational Leadership.
  • As applicable, Educational Scholarship should be included in each role.

Application preparation and submission