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Educator's Portfolio (EP)

The Educator's Portfolio (EP) documents educational accomplishment for academic promotion, and is the core of the membership application for the Academy.

In 2013, the Action Group on Educator's Portfolio, Promotion and Advancement was formed to improve the Academy's EP. The EP is comprised of the Executive Summary and detailed Educational Role descriptions.

Educator's Portfolio Instructions

Guide to completed examples including activity details: Use this guide to determine which examples to review first.
Please note: Educator Portfolio examples are unique to each individual; think of them as guides, rather than templates.

Membership Application


Examples of Completed Templates (select names below to view/download PDF files):

Executive Summary

Tracy Fulton, PhD

Erick Hung, MD

Conan MacDougall, Pharm D, MAS, BCPS

David M. Naeger, MD

Role 1: Teaching

Angel Chen, RN, MSN, PNP

Jacque Duncan, MD

Conan MacDougall, Pharm D, MAS, BCPS

Stacy Sawtelle Vohra, MD

Role 2: Mentoring and Advising

Denise Davis, MD

Mitchell Feldman, MD, MPhil

Catherine Lomen-Hoerth, MD, PhD

Steven Pletcher, MD

Role 3: Curriculum Development, Instructional Design and Technology

Madhavi Dandu, MD, MPH

Sumant Ranji, MD

George Saba, PhD

Naomi Wortis, MD

Role 4: Educational Leadership:

Jennifer Babik, MD, PhD

Vanja Douglas, MD

Descartes Li, MD

Andrea Marmor, MD, MSEd

Role 5: Learner Assessment

Meg Autry, MD

Tracy Fulton, PhD

Karen Hauer, MD

Sandrijn van Schaik, MD

About the Educator's Portfolio

Traditionally there has been little formal assessment of the educational activities of a candidate for promotion beyond "counting" hours of teaching or letters of recommendation. The standard packet typically provides very little evidence of the content or quality of a teacher's or educator's work. To acknowledge faculty members' contributions to teaching programs, some medical schools have begun to use a "portfolio" to organize and document educational activities - a concept borrowed from artists and architects who have long collected samples of their best work for others to evaluate.

Please contact Kathleen Land at, or 415-514-9259, if you have any questions.