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The Center for Faculty Educators is the home to the Academy of Medical Educators, internationally recognized education scholars, and volunteer clinical faculty. It provides community, mentorship, recognition, career growth, and skills development in teaching and educational scholarship to the faculty and staff committed to innovation and excellence in health professions education.

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Advanced Skills in the Art of Effective Feedback: Feedback across Differences (has a prerequisite)

Tuesday, June 5, 1-5 p.m.
Campus Library, CL 220/223

Denise Davis, MD and Calvin Chou, MD, PhD

Note: A requirement for this advanced workshop is previous completion of the workshop “Developing Skills in the Art of Effective Feedback.”

Feedback is a fundamental tool of effective teaching and is a skill that, though easily learned, takes a lifetime to master. Giving and receiving feedback across racial, ethnic, gender, LGBT identity and other power differences adds complexity to this process. The UCSF Differences Matter initiative has made clear the importance of faculty competence in fostering a positive learning climate for all: we have a moral obligation to provide equitable teaching and mentoring.

A few seats are still available. Register today!