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Medical Education
Bridges Curriculum

Faculty Leads and Working Groups

Faculty Leads have been appointed as the "owners" of each Bridges element, accountable for the completion of the element-specific deliverables. Leads are working with small groups of expert faculty to complete their charges and will outreach to a variety of constituents such as educational leaders, students, and interested faculty. Teams have also charged to lead important infrastructure work such as technology, budget and administration, and staff development. 

  1. Inquiry Oversight
  2. Student Assessment
  3. Program Evaluation
  4. Clinical Microsystems Clerkships
  5. Foundations I: Foundational Sciences
  6. Foundations II and Advanced Clerkships
  7. Faculty Development
  8. Interprofessional Education
  9. Student Experience
  10. Scholarship
  11. Unique Programs

Inquiry Oversight

Member Role
Daniel Lowenstein Co-Faculty Lead
Carrie Chen Co-Faculty Lead
David Wofsy Education Dean Liaison
Nancy Adler Member
Michelle Hermiston Working Group Lead
Scott Oakes Working Group Lead

Core Inquiry Curriculum

Michelle Hermiston Working Group Lead
Dan Lowenstein Member
Jason Satterfield Member
Peter Chin-Hong Member
Naomi Wortis Member
Sharon Youmans Member
Rebecca Jackson Member
Mark Rollins Member
Kathy Hyland Member
Meredith Bock (CTR student) Member
Hannah Harrison (Pathways student) Member
Matt Trojnar Member
Sasha Targ (MS2/MSTP) Member

Inquiry Deep Explore

Scott Oakes Working Group Lead
Carrie Chen Member
Urmimala Sakar Consultant
Mylo Schaff Member
Margaret Handley Consultant
Bobby Baron Member
Jacque Duncan Member
Sharad Jain Consultant
Beth Wilson Member
Mike Harper Member
Jordan Nahas-Vigon (H&S student) Member
Meredith Bock (student) Member
Matt Trojnar Member
Patricia Babbitt Member



Student Assessment

Member Role
Karen Hauer Faculty Lead
Susan Masters Education Dean Liaison

Competency Milestones Revisions

Tracy Fulton Working group co-lead
Payam Sazegar Working group co-lead
Soonmee Cha Member
Kristen Fitzhenry Member
Amy Day Member
Demian Rose Member

Student Coaching

Leslie Zimmerman Faculty Lead
Denise Connor Member
Mike Harper Member
Sharad Jain Member
Marieke Kruidering Member
Arianne Teherani Member
Heather Whelan Member

EPA Phase 1 Working Group

Christy Boscardin Working group co-lead
Sandra Oza Working group co-lead
Carrie Chen Member
Sylvia DeCourcey Member
Annette Gardner Member
Karen Hauer Member
Mardi Horowitz Member
Daniel Reimer Member

EPA Phase 2 Working Group

Christy Boscardin Working group lead
Karen Hauer Member
Dan West Member
Meg Pearson Member
Jeanette Lager Member
Lindsey Mazotti Member
Carrie Chen Consultant

Assessment and Professional Development Weeks

Erick Hung Working group co-lead
Justin Sewell Working group co-lead
Meg Autry Member
Bonnie Hellevig Member
Jocelyn Ko Member
Asa Tapley Member
Arianne Teherani Member
Sandrijn van Schaik Member



Program Evaluation

*membership tbd

Member Role
Arianne Teherani Faculty Lead
Patricia O'Sullivan Education Dean Liaison

Clinical Microsystems Clerkships

Member Role
Anna Chang Faculty Lead
Catherine Lucey Education Dean Liaison

Curriculum Working Group

Cindy Lai Working Group Lead
Christina Cicoletti Member
Allison Ishizaki Member
David Duong Member
Daniel Ciccarone Member
Jenny Crawford Member
Calvin Chou Member
Gurpreet Dhaliwal Member
Heather Nye Member
Josh Stein Member
Amin Azzam Member
Heather Whelan Member
Alvin Rajkomar Member
Priyanka Agarwal Member
Anna Meyer Member
Gelareh Nikpour Member
Adeena Khan Member
Anna Chodos Member
Stephanie Rennke Member

CMC Implementation

*Working group under formation
Lee Atkinson-McEvoy Working Group Lead
Leah Karliner Member
Meg McNamara Member

Foundations I: Foundational Sciences

Member Role
Marieke Kruidering Co-faculty Lead
Shelly Adler Co-faculty Lead
Susan Masters Education Dean Liaison

Essential Core

Marieke Kruidering Working Group Lead
Pether O'Hara Invited
Dana Rohde Member
Leslie Zimmerman Member
Tracy Fulton Member
Daniel Lowenstein Member
Descartes Li Member
Andy Josephson Member
Anthony DeFranco Member
Brian Schwartz Member
Peter Chin-Hong Member
June Chan Member
Katherine Hyland Member
Andrea Marmor Member
Naomi Stotland Member
Jason Satterfield Member
Kimberly Topp Member

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Shelley Adler Working Group Lead
Nancy Adler Member
Bob Hiatt/George Rutherford Member
Mike Rabow Member
George Sawaya Member
Andrew Bindman Member
Kathryn Eubank Member
Jason Satterfield Member
Daniel Dohan Member

Foundations II and Advanced Clerkships

*working groups tbd

Member Role
Patricia Cornett Faculty Lead
Susan Masters Education Dean Liaison
Andrea Marmor Member
Ann Poncelet Member
Beth Wilson Member
David Naeger Member
Abigail Eastburn Member
Lindsay Mazotti Member
Matthew Lin Member
Melissa Bachhuber Member
Patty Robertson Member
Vanja Douglas Member



Faculty Development

*working groups tbd

Member Role
Sandrijn van Schaik Faculty Lead
Bobby Baron Education Dean Liaison



Interprofessional Education

*working groups tbd

Member Role
Tina Brock Co-faculty Lead
Kimberly Topp Co-faculty Lead



Student Experience

*Faculty lead and working groups tbd

Member Role
Maxine Papadakis Education Dean Liaison





*working groups tbd

Member Role
Patricia O'Sullivan Faculty Lead



Unique Programs

Member Role
Ann Poncelet Faculty Lead
Susan Masters Education Dean Liaision
Phaedra Bell UME- Member
Brian Bast OMFS- Member
Brian Carr OMFS- Member
Peter Chin-Hong MD/MAS Advanced Studies of Clinical Research- Member
Leigh Kimberg PRIME-US- Member
Michele Long EPAC- Member
John Balmes JMP- Member
Aaron Tward MSTP- Member