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We are excited to announce that a new Volunteer Clinical Faculty (VCF) webpage with updated content will be available soon.  In the meantime, VCF may continue to use the current page to request vouchers for CME courses and conferences.

For more information, please email Ivan Mendez at, or call 415-514-3415.

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UCSF Center for Faculty Educators



I encourage all of us, as clinical faculty members, to become more involved in this association that serves us. Get to know the ACF representatives in your department. Consider taking on a leadership role by joining the administrative council. With your participation, the ACF can be worthy of the passion you bring to your work.


ACF News

  • For many years, he gave UCSF learners insight into how pediatricians with a general practice can contribute to the care of hospitalized patients. For more than 25 years, he made attending rounds at SFGH and Children’s Hospital Oakland. His current role of educator is primarily in exam rooms, showing how patients are taken care of in private practice.
  • Massa is in a great position to convey the wonder of discovery to his students. His own recent VA-funded projects have included studying the mechanisms of central nervous system injury and treatments that promote survival of neurons after stroke or traumatic brain injury.

  • At the early 60s, only seven percent of medical students were women. In her interviews, Killebrew had to answer one important question: Why was she going to take a man’s place in medical school? Her reply: “I’m not taking a man’s place, I am taking my place.” She was accepted at what is now Rutgers University, the first in her family to go to medical school (other family members have followed).
  • “You could be a big fish in a small pond in Eureka, and I loved that but I was of opinion that life is too short to do the same thing for your entire life,” says Hill. So after 18 years there, he joined the State Department as a doctor for the Foreign Service.

  • “I try to teach my students compassionate, comprehensive evidence-based medicine,” says Rapp, who has been Clinical Professor since 2004.
  • Yee enjoys opening the eyes of medical students to what it means to be a surgeon. Most medical students have never had the experience of being in a room with someone undergoing surgery, and he enjoys being part of that pivotal transformation.
  • Gordon L. Fung, MD, PhD Director of Clinical Faculty Affairs Department of Medicine, who nominated Follansbee for the ACF award notes that “comments from Dr. Follansbee’s students indicate that he is a highly effective instructor, balancing a passionate interest in the student’s learning, with sincerest regards for patient wellbeing.”
  • Birnbaum shows students what primary care does and specifically what family medicine can be, the “real-life importance” of the specialty.
  • “Dr. Gradinger has been a source of inspiration and advice for me personally and certainly for all of the residents as they come through the training program, says Hoffman, Chief of the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at UCSF.
  • “Dr. Schwartz is a gifted and enthusiastic teacher,” says Dr. Talmadge King, the Chair of the UCSF Department of Medicine, in a nomination letter. “Most importantly, she provides the absolute ideal model of physicianship to our trainees.”