Blumberg Loan for Residents and Clinical Fellows

The Blumberg Loan is an interest free loan that was established through the Office of Graduate Medical Education (OGME) to financially assist UCSF residents and clinical fellows. Residents and clinical fellows may request a loan from two months prior to start date through five months prior to end date. The loan may be in the amount of $1,200 or $2,400.

For all loans, including those requested prior to start date, the GME contract must be completed and signed, and both MedHub and OLPPS entry must be completed. Direct Deposit must be set up with Payroll.

Disbursement of funds is generally within 5-7 business days. There may be a delay of 1-2 weeks for applications received May through July, due to an increase in new loan applications and accounting fiscal year-end deadlines.

The loan must be repaid through payroll deductions within 12 months, or by the end of the trainee’s appointment. Only one loan may be taken at a time. The minimum repayment will be $100 per month for $1,200 loan or $200 per month for $2,400 loan. Payroll deductions will begin within 4-8 weeks of loan approval.

Please see the application form below or call Sharon Freeman at the Office of Graduate Medical Education (415) 502-0211 for additional information and details.

Note: Only complete and signed applications with original promissory note and ID verification will be processed.

Blumberg Loan Application