Quality Improvement Incentive Program


Trainee-Wide Goals

Goals for 2018-2019

Goal #1: Quality and Safety – Achieve zero harm

Building on last year’s success, in 2018-19 providers and staff at UCSF Health will decrease the total number of events that cause harm to patients and staff by 75 additional events from our 2017-18 baseline.  Harms include CLABSI (Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection), CAUTI (Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection), VAP (Ventilator-associated pneumonia), patient falls with injuries, serious safety events, C-diff infection (Clostridium difficile), reportable privacy breaches, workplace injuries to staff, infection exposures and medication-related harms. Data will be provided to individual units to identify areas for improvement.

Goal #2:  Patient Experience - Create an exceptional experience for our patients and their families

Recognizing that effective provider communication is key to a positive patient experience, on the HCAHPS and CGCAHPS survey in the “Physician/Provider Communication” survey section, 67% of our unit/practice/service areas will improve from baseline 2017-18 performance by at least .1, or maintain or exceed the 90th national percentile.

Goal # 3: Financial Strength - Lower our costs

Society is demanding higher quality care at reduced costs, and we continue to have a long-term goal is to achieve the 75th percentile among UHC peer group in value.  As a step toward meeting our long-term goal, this year’s target is to reduce our operating cost per case to at least $24,234 (0.5% reduction). “Cost per case” includes all inpatient and outpatients appointments, admissions, surgeries, and other patient encounters.

Compliance Reporting:

UCSF Health will report compliance with the incentive goals on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly depending on the measure).  Compliance with each goal will be measured as “goal met” or “goal not met.”  Incremental improvements not resulting in the stated goal will not result in incremental payment.


The program will be open to all resident and fellows performing clinical care at UCSF Health San Francisco sites for at least 12 weeks between July 2018 and June 2019.

For programs that do not have a departmental goal, payment will be based on achievement of three goals, at a rate of $400 each for a maximum possible incentive payment of $1200.


For programs that have an approved additional program-specific incentive goal, payment will also be based on achievement of three goals, but with four opportunities to achieve three goals. Payment will be at a rate of $400 for each of three goals for a maximum possible incentive payment of $1200.

Payments will be made in September of 2019 through regular payroll procedures.