Matriculating Class of 2015

Matriculating Class of 215

Natnaelle Admassu (JMP)

Natnaelle AdmassuNatnaelle was born and raised in the Washington DC Area. He graduated from Stanford in 2011 with a BA in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. At Stanford, he was involved in health education and community building activities. In 2009, he spent his summer in Arusha, Tanzania, volunteering as an HIV/AIDS educator with Support for International Change. He returned to campus that fall and began working as an HIV peer counselor. In his senior year, he co-founded an after-school health education program at the Boys and Girls of East Palo Alto, with support from the Philanthropic Ventures Foundation. After graduation, he returned home to work as an emergency department medical scribe. He witnessed how healthcare workers’ perceptions of race, ethnicity, and socio-economic status influenced the care patients received, an experience that reaffirmed his decision to pursue a career in medicine. Natnaelle is excited to join PRIME-US and work with the urban underserved populations of the Bay Area. In his free time, he enjoys exercise, reading nonfiction, and listening to music.

Adrian Anzaldua (JMP)

Adrian AnzalduaAfter graduating as a philosophy major, but before I settled on pursuing medical school, one of my volunteer opportunities involved helping soon‐to‐be‐parolees at San Quentin State University organize their affairs prior to release. That experience marked the beginning of my interest in how we treat prisoners; specifically, how we attend to their medical needs considering their severely limited ability to get medical attention. Since then my research and volunteer opportunities have focused on how upbringing and environment contribute to the future health of individuals. My hope is to be able to contribute to the alleviation of social and economic stressors that end up contributing to adverse health outcomes (including imprisonment) down the road. I’m very excited to be a part of PRIME and look forward to the eye-opening experiences we are sure to encounter over the next three years.

Adam Bazari (JMP)

Adam BazariAdam Bazari grew up near Boston, MA, and became interested in healthcare when he spent his summer after high school on a mobile medical van for people experiencing homelessness. Eager to leave the suburbs, Adam attended Columbia University where he majored in anthropology, focusing on issues of incarceration and immigration detention. After college, in an effort to improve his teaching skills and get to know his Tamil Indian family, who live in Malaysia, Adam spent a year as a teacher at a high school in East Java, Indonesia. After a couple years working at Harlem Hospital, Adam moved to Baltimore in 2013 where he coordinated the outreach team at Health Care for the Homeless. In his spare time, Adam enjoys hanging out with his cat, playing guitar, and hiking. Adam loves meeting new people, and is looking forward to getting to know people with diverse backgrounds in PRIME-US.

Daniel Bernard (UCSF)

Daniel BernardDaniel was born near Boston but grew up in Philadelphia, Detroit, and Baltimore. He graduated from Brown University in 2012 with a B.S. in Human Biology. At Brown he mentored students of color as a Minority Peer Counselor and through the New Scientist Program. During his undergraduate summers he conducted biomedical research at Johns Hopkins University and interned at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. In the fall of his junior year he completed the Duke/OTS Global Health semester in Costa Rica. In 2013 he began as a research assistant for Harvard Medical School on an epidemiological study examining the effects of air pollution on persons with pulmonary disease. His commitment to underserved populations stems from his experiences in multiple urban environments witnessing the disparate health conditions of the poor. He hopes to use medicine as a vehicle for social change and is excited to venture west to join PRIME-US!

Matthew Crimp (UCSF)

Matthew CrimpMatt grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, but was born in Dillingham, AK, where he continues to work in the family business as a commercial salmon fisherman. He received a BA in Sociology from Williams College in 2012, focusing his study on the sociology of community health volunteerism in rural Honduras. Matt moved back west to Oakland, CA in the fall of 2012, where he spent two years serving in health centers in East Oakland with Community HealthCorps (an AmeriCorps program). Working first in a school-based health center, and then at an internal medicine clinic, Matt was constantly inspired by the dedicated and creative providers and staff that work as allies with their patients to achieve health, despite constant structural and economic barriers. Matt is incredibly excited and humbled to be a part of PRIME, and is thrilled that he’s going to be staying in the Bay Area. He enjoys biking, climbing, playing music, and watching his Oakland A’s dominate the competition.

Javier Galvan (UCSF)

Javier GalvanJavier was born in Orange, but grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2010, he left the Marine Corps to attend community college in the East Bay. In 2015, he graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Biology. During college, he participated in a pre-medical summer program at Stanford University, where he was introduced to Arbor Free Clinic. Growing up, he witnessed the consequences that arise from lack of access to basic medical services and poor health literacy. As a result, he began volunteering at Arbor where he assisted with routine operation needs; however, his most important work was as a patient advocate. In this role, he coordinated primary care referrals to ensure patients had a medical home in order to avoid prolonging care. Additionally, he took on the role of Spanish interpreter to facilitate language communication. Javier is excited to be able to continue working with underserved populations through PRIME-US.

Roxana Garcia (UCSF)

Roxana Garcia Roxana was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. She spent much of her time at the small business her parents operated. Working at the store and multiple visits to her parents’ native Bolivia opened her eyes to healthcare inequities. She chose to pursue a neuroscience degree at Pomona College, where she continued to actively volunteer in the surrounding community. After graduation, she completed a post-bac program at UCSF. She later worked with a non-profit to help adults gain their GEDs and reach their educational and professional goals. She can usually be found walking her dogs or cooking with family.

Snehal Ghatare (JMP)

Snehal GhatareSnehal was born in Kolkata, India and grew up in California. She graduated in 2014 from UC Berkeley with Bachelors in Public Health. As a student, she discovered her passion for community health and combating urban health disparities. Snehal learned harm reduction and motivational interviewing as a Hepatitis counselor at the Berkeley Free Clinic, supported mothers in labor as a birth doula at SF General, and taught health classes for inner‐city students. After graduating, Snehal worked as a Case Manager and Heart Health Coach at the South Asian Heart Center. To combat the burden of heart disease and diabetes among underserved South Asians, she also spearheaded a community health intervention for the underserved Sikh population at the Silicon Valley Gurdwara. Outside of school, Snehal enjoys crocheting, painting, cooking, spinning, and practicing Indian classical dance.

Gabriel Gutierrez (UCSF)

Gabriel GutierrezGabriel was born and raised in Colma, California. He is a first generation college student who graduated from UCLA in 2014 with a Neuroscience degree. Growing up, his parents struggled to provide for their three sons because of his father’s illness, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. College was therefore an unlikely road; however, he gratefully received the Gates Millennium Scholarship. At UCLA, he was a caseworker and coordinator for The Mobile Clinic Project, providing free medical services for the homeless of West Hollywood. He also participated in neuroscience research, served with a student-run clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, and tutored at risk youth after school in Venice, California. After graduating, he was a Case Manager at Genentech, assisting to reconcile adverse event records and creating procedures to efficiently identify and correct errors in patient files. Gabriel is very excited to be in PRIME, providing medical services to underserved men and women back home in the Bay Area. Gabriel enjoys outdoor adventures, camping, dancing, and trying new foods.

Adrienne Kennedy (UCSF)

Adrienne KennedyAdrienne was born and raised in Southern California. She graduated from University of California, San Diego with a B.S. in Microbiology in 2013. During her time at UCSD, she focused on bridging health disparities in the Deaf community through public health research at the Moores Cancer Center. She worked primarily on educational programs to spread cancer awareness and prevention throughout underserved communities. Wanting to pursue her passion for education and public service, Adrienne spent two years working as a public school science teacher in the South Bronx, a community with varied educational and healthcare disparities. After completing her teaching credential and graduating from Fordham University with a Master’s degree in Education, Adrienne is now excited to further her endeavors as a participant in PRIME. She believes people are empowered through education and proactive health awareness. In her free time, Adrienne enjoys cooking a variety of cuisines and gardening.

Sarah Koser (UCSF)

Sarah KoserSarah is a mixed heritage Korean American who spent her childhood living in many different cities, states and countries of varied economic affluence. Because of this diverse upbringing she became interested in how socioeconomic disparities affect quality of life. After graduating from University of Washington with a BS in chemical engineering Sarah relocated to Fresno, California and began working as an environmental engineer with the VA healthcare system. Sarah became active in the community, volunteering at a domestic violence emergency shelter, leading a program providing companionship to veterans on end-of-life care and working as an emergency department scribe. She recognized a dichotomy in health between the different populations she served, which made her passionate about bridging gaps in healthcare disparities. She is excited to further her interest in underserved communities through PRIME-US. In her free time Sarah enjoys backpacking, hiking, and snowboarding.

Miguel Linares (UCSF)

Miguel LinaresMiguel Linares was born and raised in El Salvador and immigrated to Los Angeles at age sixteen. While at UC Berkeley, he pursued his interest in health promotion and was involved with Chicanos/Latinos in Health Education (CHE). Miguel's passion for bridging health disparities and promoting health education stems primarily from personal experiences and two years of volunteer work at Street Level Health Project in Oakland, an organization that provides free health-related services to all and advocates for immigrants’ rights and equal access to healthcare. Over the past year, Miguel worked as an Alameda County health coach, which exposed him to the difficulties that low-income residents face in seeking health care. Working closely with patients, Miguel had the opportunity to advocate for patients in various healthcare settings and to mobilize resources to improve their health. In his free time, Miguel enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, running, learning new languages, and globetrotting. Miguel is very excited to join the PRIME-US family and looks forward to further preparing himself to work with underserved communities alongside like-minded peers.

Nicole Palmer (UCSF)

Nicole PalmerNicole is a Southern California native. She graduated from UC San Diego in 2010 with a B.S. in Human Biology, a B.A. in international studies, and a hefty dose of wanderlust. Her interest in working with underserved communities began with monthly volunteer trips to the Hogar Infantil Orphanage in Tijuana in 2006. Through additional community work in food security, health advocacy, HIV awareness and public health research on childhood obesity, she explored the relationship between community context and health among refugees in San Diego, CA and underserved communities in South Africa. Upon graduating, Nicole served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Rwanda where she coached basketball, taught high school Biology, and co-founded the Peer Support network as a means to help Volunteers improve and maintain their mental health. Most recently, Nicole completed a post-bac pre-medical program at UCSF. Now, she is more excited than ever to share her passion for finding practical ways to overcome social, political, and economic obstacles to achieving improved health outcomes in underserved communities. Not having expunged her wanderlust, however, she is an avid traveler and adventurer.

Angel Rosario (UCSF)

Angel Rosario Angel was born and raised in Spanish Harlem, NYC to parents from the Dominican Republic. He graduated from SUNY: Buffalo in 2009, with a BS in Biomedical Sciences and Psychology. During college he explored the extremes of the socioeconomic and cultural disparities he experienced as a child via multiple local/global work and leadership positions. In 2009, Angel moved to Los Angeles where for two years he served as an AmeriCorps Health Educator and Childhood Obesity Interventionist at AltaMed Health Services, an FQHC focused on eliminating health disparities. Thereafter, he was hired by AltaMed to implement routine HIV screening procedures across 24 primary care clinics as part of a CDC-funded public health initiative. In 2013, Angel continued addressing health disparities structurally as Clinic Administrator of AltaMed's HIV and primary care clinic and as a Ryan White Program Manager. He is excited to learn and serve alongside his PRIME family!

Justin Williams (UCSF)

Justin WilliamsJustin Williams is from Oakland, CA. In 2012 he graduated from Langston University in Oklahoma with a degree in Biology. While at Langston University, he was very active on campus. He tutored many students in math and science, participated in parties for children with autism spectrum disorders, and helped organize concerts at a local retirement home. The activity he is most proud of is organizing a campus clothing drive that benefited the homeless around Oklahoma City. In 2014, he completed his post-baccalaureate studies at UCSF. Growing up in urban Oakland and attending undergrad in rural Langston, Justin saw different sides of what it meant to be in a medically underserved community. He saw how local attitudes and cultures could contribute to deleterious effects on already vulnerable populations. Ultimately, he wants to work with the LGBT community and create a better understanding of how medicine can be beneficial. He looks forward to working with PRIME by bringing his experiences growing up in urban Oakland CA and rural Langston, OK as well as working with other peers, patients, and mentors to grow into the physician and advocate that he plans to be.