Research Training and Support

Students, faculty, and staff research assistants working on UCSF educational research studies are eligible to receive training and use the research workstation in the offices of the UCSF Center for Faculty Educators. To reserve, send an invitation via Outlook calendar to "EdResearch Resources," which is listed in the Global Address List. You can check availability via Outlook by clicking on the "scheduling" tab in the appointment and checking free/busy times. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, contact [email protected].

Priority will be given to those who need the specific data analysis, data collection, and training resources we have available. Please let us know which of them you would like to use/reserve:desktop computer

  • QSR NVivo 9 (Qualitative Research Software)
  • Remark Office OMR 6 Survey Scanner Software
  • Remark Survey Scanner
  • SPSS 20
  • training on NVivo, Remark, and SPSS
  • laptop computer
  • web cam
  • LCD projector