Bridges Faculty Development: Foundations 2 Resources

The Foundations 2 (F2) component of the Bridges Curriculum is comprised of core clerkships and elective opportunities, with a longitudinal Family and Community Medicine clerkship and longitudinal experiences dedicated to foundational sciences and inquiry. 

Use the resources on this page to learn more about clinical reasoning and other skills relevant to F2.


Core Clerkship Feedback, Assessment and Grading

How the UCSF Bridges Curriculum Prepares Students for Foundations 2

Clinical reasoning: the basics, for preceptors (created to introduce clinical preceptors to the reasoning framework being taught in Bridges)

Introduction to clinical reasoning, for students (an introduction to foundational reasoning skills for first-year medical students)

Diagnostic schema video (an introduction to the concept of using diagnostic schema to solve complex medical problems, created for pre-clerkship students) 

Problem representation video (a deeper dive into the continuum, from the problem representation to the summary statement/one-liner/assessment, created for pre-clerkship students) 

Principles of small-group facilitation (part of the Bridges Curriculum series of educational videos, created for educators)   

Clinical Problem Solving (an online Coursera course led by Catherine Lucey, MD). For additional questions regarding teaching clinical reasoning, contact Sirisha Narayana, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine.

Find out how the School fosters a learning and health care ecosystem in which our learners and faculty can Learn, Grow, and Thrive. Watch this video showcasing faculty leadership.  


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Feedback Loop for Learning

This infographic describes the cycle of continuous improvement for learning at UCSF