iROCKET Dashboard

The UCSF School of Medicine (SOM) iROCKET Student Dashboard provides a secure online tool for use by students participating in the Essential Core Curriculum to access performance information from assessments during medical school, to support students in their journey to graduation and in their professional development.

Available Competencies

Medical Knowledge

The Medical Knowledge dashboard displays information about student performance on medical knowledge assessments across the curriculum. This integrated view of these data will allow students to gauge their relative strengths and weaknesses in medical knowledge areas, and, as necessary, develop a plan for improvement.

  • Essential Core Exams
  • Essential Core Medical Knowledge Categories/Subject Performance
  • Core Clerkship Medical Knowledge ratings from summary evaluations
  • Core Clerkship examination scores
  • MCAT, USMLE Step 1 and 2 scores


The Professionalism dashboard displays information about student professional behavior across the curriculum. This information can be used to identify professionalism strengths and concerns. The purpose of this dashboard is to summarize professionalism information from:

  • Essential Core/FPC Attendance
  • FPC Preceptorship Professionalism and Attendance
  • Core Clerkship Professionalism ratings from summary evaluations
  • CPX clinical performance exam

Practice-Based Learning & Improvement

This competency is currently only available to MS3s who completed the MiniCPX Learning Goals exercises.

Additional Information

iROCKET Dashboard Login (Essential Core Students only)

iROCKET Student Dashboard FAQs

Navigating the iROCKET Student Dashboard