Well-Being Programs

We provide a broad range of programs throughout the year to support medical student wellness. Many of our programs are connected with the academic curriculum, and we collaborate with other wellness groups on the UCSF campus. Below are a few of the programs we offer. We are always open to new ideas and welcome any suggestions.

Well-Being Rounds

We meet with third-year medical students in the hospital while they are on rotations. Our staff leads discussions for one hour during Surgery, Medicine, Ob/Gyn, and PISCES. We address the joys and stressors of clinical rotations. Our goal is to acknowledge the inherent challenges of clinical rotations, the impact on your personal life and health, being exposed to human suffering, the vulnerability of constant evaluation, and the valuable support of your peers.

Partners in Medicine

We host a welcoming dinner for new first-year students and their partners. Seniors students and their partners join us to welcome the new students. This event builds community among the incoming class and their significant others, addresses the worries about the impact of medical school on partnerships, and emphasizes the value of being in a relationship. In the spring, we host another event for medical students and their partners. A few other events that have been held in the past include a seminar with a couples therapist, a discussion with an expert on marriages between two professionals, and social events.

Parenting in Professional Schools

We host a dinner for all UCSF professional school students’ parents or those interested in becoming parents. This event is design to bring the parents together, talk about the experience of being a parent and address questions and dilemmas students may be facing in balancing parenthood and professional lives. This evening features a short presentation and discussion by a local parenting expert.

Well-Being Linked Sessions

During the first-year curriculum, we host lunchtime workshops to promote student wellness. These sessions are linked with lecture topics in the curriculum. We introduce students to resources on campus and healthy living styles that connect with what they are learning. Some of the workshops we run are on mindfulness meditation, yoga, emotional empowerment, cognitive behavioral therapy, suicide discussion, substance abuse, and coping with death and dying.

Mental Health Awareness Week

In collaboration with other groups on campus, we host this week in the fall. We provide a speaker who addresses mental health issues for the Pat Patterson Memorial Lecture. Dr. Patterson was a beloved anatomy professor in the medical school who tragically committed suicide. We also lead an engaging panel discussion of UCSF students who talk about their personal experiences with mental health issues.

Passport to Wellness

In collaboration with other groups, we participate in the campus-wide wellness program in the spring. We host events at which students collect stamps to win raffle prizes. Students can collect these stamps at many wellness activities held at UCSF.