UCSF Well-Being Pledge

UCSF Well-Being Pledge

As a health care student and/or provider, I am committed to improving my own health, the health of my patients and my community. 

Here are some ways that I will work towards my goal:

  • Prioritize my own mental, social,  physical and spiritual well-being
  • Understand that changing a lifestyle behavior is a slow process
  • Cherish my unique strengths and perspectives
  • Aim to diminish my own personal stressors and nurture my mental well-being
  • Make thoughtful efforts to have positive relationships with physical exercise, substance use, food, and sex
  • Manage my negative thinking, identify things that make me feel good and choose positive activities. 
  • Build positive relationships with friends and family
  • Support my community members in making healthy life choices
  • Appreciate the system I work in and discover ways to contribute that are meaningful and healthy for me. 
  • Reflect on how my own health impacts my patients
  • Be mindful of the ways social stigma and stereotypes affects my judgment
  • Have an open discourse with my patients and colleagues to promote healthy lifestyle choices
  • Find balance with the compromises that I need to make to stay healthy

To date, 113 people have taken the Well-Being Pledge
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Pick up your pledge pin at one of the following locations:

  • Medical Student Services, S-245
  • Student Activities Center, MU-108W
  • Student Health Services, Parnassus: MU Level P8 Room 005; Mission Bay: William J. Rutter Center Room 330

This pledge was developed in 2012 by UCSF Medical Students Jerome Atputhasingam, Harjus Birk, Joe Cartwright, Danai Chagwedera, Steven Garcia, Anita Hargrave, Benjamin Hayes, Chloe Lemarchand, Matthew Nordstrom, Brandon Perkovich, Mariya Samoylova, Shannon Satterwhite.  We worked in collaboration with The Patient Promise from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine developed by David Gatz and Shiv Gaglani in 2011.  This initiative was sponsored by the UCSF Medical Student Well-Being Program. 

The UCSF campus is committed to Well-Being.  Here are some of our local resources: