Health Insurance Benefits

All enrolled students are eligible to receive up to 10 sessions of mental health services at the Medical Student Well-Being Program (MSWBP), whether they are enrolled in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan or have their own insurance plan.

MSWBP makes referrals for long-term psychotherapy in the community as soon as we determine that this is the most appropriate treatment plan for a student.

Anthem Blue Cross Insurance Information

Relevant information about your mental health coverage can be found on the Student Health and Counseling Services website.

All mental health services must be authorized by the MSWBP through Student Health and Counseling Services.

In-Network Benefits

If you select an in-network provider, you will be responsible for $15 co-pay. Your provider will submit paperwork to Blue Cross to be reimbursed 100% of the Reasonable and Customary Fee. Your provider will also be responsible for requesting authorizations for visits that go beyond the initial 12 sessions; the Outpatient Treatment Report form is used to request authorization.

Out-of-Network Benefits

If you select a provide who is not part of your network, you may be responsible for the provider's fee out of pocket. You will have to submit the claim to Anthem Blue Cross and you will be reimbursed 60% of the Reasonable and Customary Fee. Remember, Anthem's Reasonable and Customary Fee may be lower than your provider's fee. You will be responsible for making sure you are authorized for visits with your out-of-network provider. To get reimbursed for services you have paid for, please complete the Member Claim Form and submit it with an itemized bill and receipts to: P.O. Box 60007, Los Angeles, CA 90060.

Details and important information about your plan as well as contact information and network providers are available on the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) website.