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Medical Education

Welcome Sheila Quimpo to Medical Education

Sheila Quimpo is joining the UME and Educational Data teams starting on January 22. Sheila will hold the position of UME Data and Records Analyst reporting jointly to Kalai Diamond, Assistant Director of UME: Student Services, and Bonnie Hellevig, Director of Educational Data. Sheila will be responsible for the integrity and management of student records and for designing/generating selected reports on student and educational data, and she will participate in other UME student services and educational data projects and processes. She joins us from the UCSF School of Nursing where she has been an Administrative Systems Analyst for the past six years. Sheila has also worked at the YMCA and earned her BA in Industrial Arts concentration in Visual Communications from San Francisco State. Sheila is currently the co-chair of UCSF Academic Business Officers' Group (ABOG) as well as a UC Oracles Toastmaster member. In her spare time Sheila studies hula and is learning how to play the ukulele. Welcome Sheila to Medical Education!
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