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Medical Education
Medical Student Education

Medical Student Electives and Clinical Studies Policy

During the Clinical Core or Advanced Studies years, students may not be concurrently enrolled for credit in elective UCSF courses or clerkships while they are taking courses or clerkships intended as full-time work.

  1. The policy does preclude concurrent enrollment in any elective during longitudinal integrated clerkship programs (LICs). LIC and other longitudinal clerkship programs have “white space” designed for focus on elements of that given program. This “white space” cannot be used for concurrent enrollment in an elective or other clerkship.
  2. This policy does not preclude students’ taking 2-week electives designed for the third-year student during a 2-week hiatus built into a clerkship. For example, an 8-week block containing a 6-week clerkship has, by design, a 2-week hiatus during which an elective may be taken.
  3. Fourth-year electives are designed to be taken individually, sequentially, and full time. Fourth-year electives may not be taken concurrently, with two exceptions
    1. Students in Pathways to Discovery may take Epi 150.03: Designing Clinical Research for Students and Residents (a 4-week, 2 unit part-time course) concurrently with the appropriate units of IDS 140.20 Pathways to Discovery Project Work to add up to full-time work of 6 units per 4 weeks.
    2. Health Professions Education Pathway students may take HPE’s IDS 140.10, designed to be taken longitudinally in evenings.