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Medical Education

UCSF Faculty Honored with Awards at 2017 Convocation

June 1, 2017

The School of Medicine’s graduating class honored faculty at this year’s convocation event May 12, recognizing the dedication and leadership of teachers, clinical faculty, and housestaff with several types of awards given annually to medical education leaders. We spoke with select students from the Class of 2017 about their experience learning from these dedicated educators, and we share insights from a few of the award-winners themselves on their work with the students.

The Teaching Excellence Award for Cherished Housestaff (T.E.A.C.H.)
These awards are presented to five residents who have been outstanding teachers, mentors, and role models during students’ clinical years at UCSF. This year, T.E.A.C.H. awards were presented to:

Emily Cedarbaum, MD, MPH, Resident Physician: “Emily was a fantastic resident to work with and learn from. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her not smiling, whether she was presenting patients during rounds, sharing stories about her dog Jasper with canine-loving patients, or teaching us the treatment of Clostridium difficile colitis.” Jeffrey Chen, Class of 2017 Graduate  

“Working on the medicine wards can be stressful and sometimes hectic, but Emily always had an upbeat attitude and made sure to check in with all members of the team which was vital to maintaining our well-being. Additionally, no matter how busy she was leading the team, she made it a point to teach the medical students and made them feel included as well.” Rebecca Olveda, Class of 2017 Graduate    

Benjamin Lee, MD, Clinical Fellow: “I have tremendous respect for Ben, not only because of his intelligence, competence, and ability to lead, but also because of his genuine kindness, compassion, investment in teaching, and warmth. He represents the resident that I one day hope to be, and there are no words to express how grateful I am to have worked and learned from him.” Alekist Quach, Class of 2017 Graduate 

Megan Lockwood, MD, Resident Physician: “On the wards, Megan challenged me to be independent while still creating a supportive environment. She has continued to be a wonderful mentor and role model for me, even after our time working together.” Neil Zhan, Class of 2017 Graduate

“Megan was a true role model of integrity and compassion in caring for patients and teaching students. She brought intention and quality to everything she did on the wards. She was an outstanding physician teacher, even during a busy internship year.” Jennie Sneden, Class of 2017 Graduate

Mark Terrelonge, MD, MPH, Resident Physician: “When I became a resident, I felt it was important to emphasize to students that medical school is about learning, not performing. Learning medicine has always been an apprenticeship, and if we all don't feel safe to learn on the ward, we won't improve our clinical skills. The students of this graduating class were a pleasure to work with. They were incredibly engaged in learning on the wards and felt safe discussing ideas with me in order to take better care of their patients—and most of the time they took the lead!”

Our committee selected Mark based on multiple student nominations that he received from our graduating class. Nominating students spoke to his remarkable ability to explain complex medical topics in relation to current patient care, and his desire to see students improve in all ways: from expanding their medical knowledge, to communicating with families, to taking on higher level tasks required of interns such as writing orders, calling nurses, and composing sign out instructions for the night team.” Kristen Mackenzie, Class of 2017 Graduate

Evan Werlin, MD, Resident Physician: “I was extremely honored to win this award. I worked with many of these students as their third-year surgery resident on either Trauma/General Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital or on General Surgery at the Parnassus campus. The students brought an extremely open mind and positive attitude every day to the hospital. Many of them were incredibly dedicated to learning as well as caring for patients. This class was full of hard-working, down-to-earth people who worked hard as a team.”

“Evan stands out to me as one of the most heartfelt and genuine residents at UCSF. When he teaches you something, it's not just because he's ‘supposed’ to teach; when he does everything he can to get you into a surgical case, it's because he thinks you'll enjoy it. Evan puts heartfelt care into his teaching, and went out of his way to take care of us.” Dexter Louie, Class of 2017 Graduate

Excellence in Teaching Award for Clinical Faculty
Through these nominations, students, residents and fellows highlight outstanding front-line teachers. Nominees are eligible from all UCSF teaching sites and affiliated sites who might otherwise go unrecognized. These teachers are "unsung heroes" who demonstrate daily their dedication to education and teach in a manner that creates an encouraging and intellectually stimulating environment, which promotes critical thinking and learning. This year, Excellence in Teaching Awards were given to:

Christopher Fee, MD, Professor: “From day one, Chris helped ease me into a complex clinical setting. The passion that he has for emergency medicine really inspired me. I went from almost undoubtedly wanting to become a surgeon to becoming a leader in our student emergency medicine interest group. Beyond his first-year precepting, he has offered continued mentorship both on my emergency medicine rotations as well as throughout the residency application process. He is a truly outstanding mentor and teacher.” Jeffrey Chen, Class of 2017 Graduate

Brian Feeley, MD, Associate Professor in Residence: “I have had an amazing time teaching medical students at UCSF in sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery. The year-long preceptorship program allows students to be young experts in the field, conduct research, and build life-long mentorship opportunities. I feel extremely privileged for the opportunity to work with such an outstanding group of medical students.”

Carol Miller, MD, Professor: “Dr. Miller is an amazing mentor. Not only does she spend a great deal of time preparing her students to become excellent physicians, she also makes us feel cared for on a personal level. Her warm and empathetic relationships with her patients set a prime example for the type of physician I aspire to become.” Rebecca Olveda, Class of 2017 Graduate  

Shabnam Peyvandi, MD, Assistant Professor: “Being a clinical preceptor allowed me to see how students apply the knowledge they have learned from class to real-life patients. It gave me a chance to not only teach about pediatric cardiology but also interact with patients and their families, which is an equally important part of what we do.”

Geoffrey Stetson, MD, Assistant Professor: “One of Dr. Stetson's many incredible qualities as an educator is his ability to inspire students’ confidence in themselves. As students on the wards, many of us feel the uncertainty that accompanies a new environment with a steep learning curve, increasing responsibilities, and an approximate knowledge of many things—Dr. Stetson's guidance and support as an attending were invaluable in not only enabling me to care well for my patients, but also in imparting confidence in my ability to continue gathering the tools necessary to become an excellent physician.” Anoop Muniyappa, Class of 2017 Graduate

“Dr. Stetson was truly one of the best teachers I have had in medical school. I was very impressed by his ability to reach learners at every level and the judgment-free environment he created on rounds. At the outset, he outlined clear and fair expectations for each individual, and regularly checked in on our progress of meeting those.” Elizabeth Shuman 

Osler Distinguished Teacher Award, presented this year to Associate Professor Binh An Phan, MD
The Osler teaching award started with the Class of 1957 to recognize exceptionally effective models of compassionate patient care.

“I have yet to come across someone who is so beloved by their patients, while at the same time, so passionate about their teaching as Dr. Phan. He was also a very important mentor to me throughout the residency application process and volunteered a lot of his time helping me to be the best applicant I could be.” Santo Ricceri, Class of 2017 Graduate

“Dr. Phan's laser-like focus sets him apart from many others; it's a quality that becomes obvious when patient care is involved, or when he reveals his encyclopedic-like knowledge of cardiology. His mix of attributes is truly unique.” Dexter Louie, Class of 2017 Graduate

“Any student lucky enough to rotate with Dr. Phan quickly realizes what a uniquely talented and dedicated educator he is. From his daily morning didactics that made me excited to walk into the hospital every morning to the hours of patient-centered teaching he led every afternoon. He has been an invaluable mentor and supporter throughout the residency application process. His thoughtful didactics and commitment to students have redefined the qualities of a strong clinician educator, and he models the qualities I hope to emulate as a future educator.” Anoop Muniyappa, Class of 2017 Graduate