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Medical Education

UCSF 2017Alumni Weekend Highlights

Over 1,650 UCSF graduates, faculty and staff attended the Alumni Weekend April 8-9, including representatives from the Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Psychiatry.

The event represented the sixth year that the Alumni Association of UCSF event brought together alumni from all four professional schools of the Graduate Division.

The weekend included “Classes Without Quizzes” sessions, where UCSF faculty and deans presented on topics including palliative care, teaching for uncertainty, and advances in pain management and drug discovery.   

“TEDx style” discovery talks saw renowned UCSF faculty innovators discuss their transformative research and discoveries. For the first time, UCSF students presented their ‘snapshot’ talks.

In one of these snapshots, fourth-year School of Medicine student Cheri Mah, MS, presented her research. Mah, a Clinical and Translational Research Fellow at the UCSF Human Performance Center, studies the relationship between sleep and performance in elite athletes. She serves as the sleep expert for the Nike Performance Council and consults with professional teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB and international sports organizations on optimal performance and recovery strategies. Mah participates in several teaching and community outreach programs on the benefits of healthy sleep.   

“Our latest research is bringing new insights on how sleep not only impacts physical performance in elite athletes, but cognitive functioning, mood, and physiology,” says Mah. “Proper sleep is often overlooked and sacrificed, however healthy sleep is essential for everyone: whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior.”