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Medical Education

Christian Burke

Director, Technology Innovations

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Medical Education
Technology Enhanced Education


I have a deep passion for using technology and media to enhance learning.   I studied architecture at UC Berkeley and briefly worked in the field then soon feel for what online technology can do for design and creating rich learning experiences.  I lead a team of rock stars at UCSF to transform the curriculum using technology where we create online learning, video lessons, use technologies to enhance the live learning experience and much more.  We are always ready to experiment with many ways that technology can improve learning at UCSF and focus on the innovations that can transform an already world class university. 

I value community and creating a community of practice around technology and learning.  We host many workshops and skill building sessions.  I am the current Chair of the Computer Resources in Medical Education (CRIME) which is a professional group of educational technologists from Western Region US and Canadian medical schools.  I give workshops at UCSF and nationally on Design Thinking, instructional design, video based education, creating innovative teams, storyboarding and using emerging technologies to create better learning.  I have formally studied programming, interaction design, architecture, music, painting and classical Greek which all adds up to keep me engaged in a constant practice of professional development where I teach to learn and engage with everyone around my key focus areas.  I learn the most from my two daughters.