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Recording and Editing for Screencasts

Screencasting lessons can be recorded and edited with a variety of commercially available software programs, such as ScreenflowCamtasia Studio, Articulate Studio, and Captivate. Most of these are platform-dependent (PC or Mac). If you aren’t sure which option is best for you, please contact Technology Innovations and we will help steer you in the right direction.

Recent versions of ScreenFlow allow you to screen capture from your iPad. ScreenFlow saves in a variety of file formats. Both Articulate Studio and Camtasia are available on selected multimedia workstations located in the UCSF Library Tech Commons.

Both Mac and PC users can embed existing movie files directly within PowerPoint slides. Different versions of PowerPoint accept different video file types, so make sure to check that your file type is compatible with your version. If you embed media into your PowerPoint it is very important that you keep all of your source files in a folder with your PPT file or you risk opening your PPT to find your media files are missing. 


Apple’s Quicktime (Mac users only)

There are some software programs which you may already be using that have basic recording and editing capabilities. For Mac users, QuickTime is one of them. The user can capture the entire screen, or define the specific area of the screen to be captured (for example, just the web browser window). The main file format produced is MOV or M4V.  Note that depending on length of your final video, the file size can be very large and may require further compression to ready the video for hosting online.


Microsoft Powerpoint's OfficeMix (PC users only)

PC users can install Microsoft’s free plugin for PowerPoint called OfficeMix. Once installed, OfficeMix provides screencasting capabilities directly within PowerPoint. For more on the use of OfficeMix, consult TEE’s Screen Lessons 101 [link] course.


Jing (PC and Mac)

Jing is free software that allows you to easily share a video with others online because it does the hosting for you on its site, It is only viable for short lessons, sinc the maximum recording length is only 5 minutes. Jing can be a good solution for situations in which you need to create and publish a screencast video very quickly, with little or not prior planning.

Resources & Support

OfficeMix Step-by-Step Tutorials - if you want to learn the full feature set of OfficeMix, Microsoft's video tutorials are thorough and cover some advanced features.

Screen Lessons 101 
This Moodle course is designed help School of Medicine faculty plan, prepare, record and output screen lessons for the online curriculum component in the School of Medicine. Includes instructions on using two screencasting kits that faculty can check out from the Technology Innovations Group.