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Screencasting Lessons: Getting Started

Screencasting lessons are video-based lessons that are recorded independently by an instructor. Typically, the instructor is not featured on-camera; the computer screen’s contents are driving the presentation. The flexibility of this method allows for instructors to record these lessons from their office or home, and on their own schedule.

The lesson can present anything that is viewable on the instructor’s computer screen (PowerPoint file, website, software program). To record a lesson, the instructor will need access to a computer, a microphone, and a software program that records the screen actions. Technology Innovations can help guide an instructor towards the appropriate software solution that best meets the instructor’s skill level and goals.


Stages of Development

Screen lessons involve several stages which include lesson planning, lesson recording, and publishing (or sharing) the screen lesson so that students can access it:

Key Stages of the Screen Lesson Process


These stages, and a variety of supporting materials, are covered in more detail in our Screen Lessons 101 course.


Benefits of Screencasting

Video lessons are a departure from the classroom lecture setting because students can speed up, slow down, or pause the videos. They can also review, or re-watch, the videos multiple times. These added controls empower students with a high level of self-direction over the content, fostering a student-centered learning approach.

Also, the role of editing cannot be underestimated. Editing can create a succinct, focused presentation that a live delivery of the same material may lack. All of the screencasting software programs offer editing capabilities. If an instructor has available time, we encourage editing of the videos before output to 

If these videos are published on a publicly accessible platform like YouTube, the instructor could gain a large viewership outside of the original student audience. To account for these possibilities, the instructor has the opportunity to make more of an impact by deploying some fundamental design principles.


Screen Lessons 101 
This Moodle course is designed help School of Medicine faculty plan, prepare, record and output screen lessons for the online curriculum component in the School of Medicine. Includes instructions on using two screencasting kits that faculty can check out from the Technology Innovations Group.


Designing Engaging Screen Lessons 
This provides some overall guidance on planning and launching your screen lessons.


Tips for Recording Screen Lessons
This covers the technical aspects of recording, and how to troubleshoot problem you may encounter.


Screen Lessons Self-Assessment 
Review this after you have recorded a lesson to assess it and determine ways you can improve it.