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Technology Enhanced Education Member Directory

Valentina Bettencourt

I have been with the Dean’s Office at UCSF for over ten years. I manage the online curriculum, provide training on the School of Medicine’s course management systems and oversee the iROCKET Helpdesk.

Christian Burke

I have a deep passion for using technology and media to enhance learning.   I studied architecture at UC Berkeley and briefly worked in the field then soon feel for what online technology can do for design and creating rich learning experiences.  I lead a team of rock stars at UCSF to transform the curriculum using technology where we create online learning, video lessons, use technologies to enhance the live learning experience and much more.  We are always ready to experiment with many ways that technology can improve learning at UCSF and focus on the innovations that can transform an already world class university. 

Sascha Cohen

Like Tuan mac Cairill of Irish legend, I’ve lived many lives – or so it seems. After gaining a degree in Religion at UCSC, and one in Middle Eastern Studies from UT Austin, and enjoying a regular cycle of travel in North America and Europe, I took a circuitous path through writing, music, law, health and public service to rise up through the ranks of technology leadership, only find myself washed ashore here at UCSF in January of 2009.

Padmaja Gade

I started working at UCSF in Fall of 2014 and joined Med Ed in August 2014. I manage and develop the iROCKET Student Dashboard. I also have experience with Epic/Apex clinical data and worked as a reporting analyst at Stanford Hospital and Clinics.