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Labspot for Students

  • Once a student has logged in and set up their Labspot account, they are ready to begin the search for a project opportunity or mentor. Students will be given the option to take a short tour of the homepage, which will run through the different methods of searching or browsing the system, including:
    • Search: Allows students to search the Labspot database as well as UCSF Profiles for keywords relating to research topics, mentor names, and is even connected to the Pubmed database
    • Browse Opportunities: Allows students to browse opportunities posted to Labspot, with relevant opportunities sorted based on the interests entered
    • Browse Researchers: Allows students to browse UCSF researchers in Labspot, with most relevant researchers sorted based on the interests entered

A portion of the student home screen, featuring the search bar and interests list

  • Students can click on individual opportunities or researchers for more information. Each opportunity will list the requirements for application, including the application close date, project start date, a description of the project, and any special requirements
  • To apply for a project, a student selects the “Apply” button on the opportunity page and provides out the requested information. Opportunities can also be "Favorited" for later application.
  • Students can also contact a researcher without applying for a specific project by clicking on the researcher’s name and selecting “Contact” on that researcher’s profile.
  • Once a student has applied for a project and has been accepted, all further work on this project in Labspot is conducted within the "My Programs" tab. This includes:
    • Mentor confirmation
    • Proposal submission
    • Midterm evaluation
    • Poster and Abstract submission

A view of the My Programs tab and project tracking screen