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Labspot for Mentors

Once a mentor has logged in and set up their Labspot account, they are ready to begin posting project opportunities.  Mentors will be given the chance to tour the system, which will run through the various tasks mentors have to complete within Labspot, including:

  • Post an Opportunity: Allows mentors to post a project opportunity into Labspot, for which UCSF students will apply to act as research/project assistants
  • Manage Postings: Allows mentors to view and manage current and past project opportunities they have posted
  • Agreements & Evaluations: The "agreements" tab is where mentors manage and complete pending mentor agreements. Similarly, pending evaluations can be found in the "evaluations" tab

A view of the mentor home screen in Labspot

  • When a mentor is ready to post a project opportunity in Labspot, they simply select "New Posting" from the "My Opportunities" tab and are taken to the Opportunity Posting form.
  • The Opportunity Posting form will ask for all relevant information that a student will need to know when applying for a project, including:
    • Project title and description (ideal project descriptions are at least 200 words)
    • Posting close data and project start date
    • Location (for projects conducted primarily off-site)
    • Program (Summer Learners, Inquiry, Both)
    • Whether you will require a resume and/or cover letter from applicants
    • Any ideal qualifications you may wish an applicant to have