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Educator's Toolkit

The Educators' Toolkit is designed to help you become a better educator. Technology changes every day... it’s challenging for educators to know what tools they should adopt and where to focus their limited time. We have selected the key technologies, and tell you how to use them, so you can become a more effective educator. We've created this toolkit for all educators at UCSF and beyond.

We have coached and developed hundreds of educators. This toolkit will make you a better educator. We have chosen the technologies and tools we use, but recognize there are many other substitutes that will work just fine.

To start, we created instructions on how to engage the learner in live sessions. Then you can brush up on using Fair Use Analysis to ensure you are on the right side of copyright law when using existing images and media in your presentations and sessions.  Educational videos have become a key component to education and we created a key primer so you can create effective videos. We have a short primer to get you started in using a Flipped Classroom model. All of these technologies and skills will help you create effective learning experiences.

This section is designed to support you independently. Everything you need to get started is here. We also blend this toolkit with our workshops and consultations.