Email and Calendar

UCSF email and calendar can be accessed on almost any mobile device. Follow the links below for detailed instructions for your device.

iPad Setup

iPhone Setup

Android Setup


Google Email and Calendar

Google Sync allows users to sync their email and calendar information with their Google accounts. Many students find it useful to sync their personal Google email and calendar with their iOS device. However, as this is not secure and not HIPAA compliant, it is NOT recommended for use with your UCSF email account. For further information see Use of Third Party E-mail Systems by UCSF students.

iOS Device Setup

iOS Calendar Setup



The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a system which allows remote access to network resources (like full-text journals) normally available only to people at a UCSF location. To set up VPN on your mobile device, follow the instructions at the links below:

iPad Setup and Usage

iPhone Setup and Usage



Wireless Network

Two wireless networks are available in clinical, research, and administrative buildings. Secure access, requiring MyAccess credentials, is available at the UCSFwpa network. UCSF students, faculty and students Users should use the UCSFwpa network, as it allows fully protected wireless access to Campus and Medical Center resources. An open network is also available for guests on the UCSFguest wireless network.

UCSFwpa Secure Network Setup for Android Devices

USCFwpa Secure Network Setup for iPhone/iPad

Wireless Coverage Map