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Medical Education

Sascha Cohen

Director, Technology Strategy & Development

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Medical Education
Technology Enhanced Education


Like Tuan mac Cairill of Irish legend, I’ve lived many lives – or so it seems. After gaining a degree in Religion at UCSC, and one in Middle Eastern Studies from UT Austin, and enjoying a regular cycle of travel in North America and Europe, I took a circuitous path through writing, music, law, health and public service to rise up through the ranks of technology leadership, only find myself washed ashore here at UCSF in January of 2009.

Since that time, I have helped to design and deliver one of the leading tools for curriculum management in the health professions. The Ilios Project is an open source, collaborative effort with a community of institutional users including the UCSF professional schools and various other health profession educational institutions globally including (among others) UCI,  SUNY, Stanford, Karolinska, Monash, Dartmouth and University of Michigan. Working closely with my colleagues in the Dean’s Office and across UCSF, I help to refine and deliver the strategy for educational technology development and deployment across the school.