Yearlong Letter of Intent & Checklist

To qualify for a yearlong research fellowship, you must submit a complete Letter of Intent by November 17, 2017, at 5:00pm.  Follow the steps below to begin:

Yearlong Application Requirements

  • Personal Statement (should not exceed 700 words, or approximately one single-spaced page)
  • Research Plan Title (should not exceed 255 characters, including spaces)
  • Research Plan Summary (should not exceed 250 words, or approximately 1/3 of a single spaced page)
  • Research Plan (which is limited to 2,100 words or less or approx. three single-spaced pages. The plan should be divided into three sections: a) Research question, b) Background, and c) Study design) (You should work closely with your mentor on writing the research plan)
  • Research Plan Citations (should not exceed 700 words, or approximately one single-spaced page)
  • Transcripts (professional school transcripts only, do not include undergrad transcripts)
  • Dean’s Letter: The Dean should comment on your potential for scholarly achievement, elaborating, where appropriate, on such matter as scientific knowledge, performance as a student in independent study or in research-participation programs and ability to make sound judgments. In addition, the dean may describe pertinent personal characteristics such as perseverance, persistence in the face of obstacles, creativity, independence and motivation
  • Mentor choice(s)
  • Mentor’s endorsement

Yearlong Opportunities for Research