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Honoring the Role of Peer Review in the Education Scholarship Community, and One Peer Reviewer in Particular…

Irritated by a peer reviewer’s comments on your manuscript? Sometimes though, you can be thankful for the suggestions that improve your paper before it is released to the public as fodder for commentary.  Those improvements are often the result of the hard work of thoughtful peer reviewers. 

UC San Francisco’s Karen Hauer, MD, professor in the Department of Medicine, is a peer reviewer who for many years has helped editorial staffs advance their mission while contributing to the educational research community.  Also a candidate in the UCSF-UMC Utrecht collaborative Doctoral Program in Health Professions Education, Dr. Hauer is continually developing her educational scholarship skills.  This November she will be honored at a AAMC reception in Philadelphia with one of Academic Medicine’s Excellence in Reviewing Awards. We congratulate Karen on this well-deserved award.

To highlight and celebrate the work that Karen and other peer reviewers do for the medical education research community, RaDME would like to share a post from AAMC’s AM Rounds Blog that is part of a series of posts contributed by Academic Medicine‘s top peer reviewers, Peer Reviewer Resources: Hints for Reviewing Articles.  Hint: Save to your favorite web reading app, or print and post in your office. Give some of the tips a try next time you are reviewing a manuscript.  The scholarly community will want to thank you too! Here's a sample of what they recommend:

…assume that authors have spent a significant amount of time on their manuscripts before submitting them…be respectful of their efforts…use soft language (‘The authors might consider…’) with specific suggestions, or take the perspective of the audience (‘Readers would want to know…’) -from AM Rounds, the official blog of the journal Academic Medicine

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