2013-2014 Scholars and Quarterly Fellows

Amanda Momenzadeh

Project Title: HIV treatment among diverse populations with co-morbid HIV and severe mental illness

Mentor(s): Christina Mangurian, MD, Martha Shumway, PhD, and James Dilley, MD

Cycle: PROF-PATH Quarterly Fellow

School: Pharmacy

Pathway: Clinical and Translational Research

Project Description: The high prevalence of HIV in people with severe mental illness (SMI, e.g.,schizophrenia, bipolar disorder) in combination with their low HIV testing rates indicates a great need for HIV testing programs that are linked to HIV specialty care referral.   I am conducting a retrospective chart review of data collected from HIV+ inpatients with SMI admitted to SFGH Inpatient Psychiatry between 2006 and 2011. We plan to determine the proportion of this population who received HIV treatment and referral to HIV follow-up care.  I also plan to examine secondary outcomes indicating quality of care, including appropriateness of anti-retroviral treatment, interactions of anti-retroviral medications with psychotropic medications, and any disparities in treatment dependent on demographic indicators (e.g., race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, IVDU and alcohol use, housing status or psychiatric diagnosis). Our data will identify quality of HIV care gaps which we will use to develop programs to improve routine HIV testing and linkage to HIV Specialty care for this highly vulnerable population.

Why I do research: I became interested in clinical research because I wanted my work to contribute directly to patient care. Specifically, I am doing research in mental health in San Francisco's underserved populations because I believe it is a field that requires more attention and  improvement in care. I am participating in the PROF-PATH CTR Fellowship because it provides me the skills and experience needed in pursuing a career in clinical pharmacy/academia, and will help me become a better healthcare provider.