2015 Pathways Explore Symposium

On January 28th, the UCSF community came together to celebrate the work of our students at the 2015 Pathways Explore Symposium. Organized by the UCSF RAPtr office, the Pathways Explore Symposium showcases posters featuring students' research projects from the past summer, a result of their summer research fellowship awards. See below for pictures from the event, including our 2014 PROF-PATH summer fellows!



PROF-PATH Fellow Chris Brunson presenting his poster "Mutational Analysis Indicates the Potential for Temozolomide Therapy to Induce Malignant Transformation of Low Grade Glioma"

PROF-PATH fellow Catherine Burke presenting her poster "Characteristics of Opioid Overdose Deaths in San Francisco from 2010-2012"

PROF-PATH faculty member Dr. Loma Flowers and PROF-PATH Fellow Leah Goodman ("Factors Associated with Early Life Versus Late Life First Episode of Homelessness in Older Homeless Adults")

PROF-PATH Fellow Walid Hamud-Ahmed presenting his poster "Long-term mortality after surviving firearm violence"

Dr. Loma Flowers and PROF-PATH Fellows Elizabeth Johns and Adali Martinez

PROF-PATH Fellow Sidney Le presenting his poster "Access to Urgent Care Centers in the United States: Who Are They Serving?"

PROF-PATH Fellow Adali Martinez presenting her poster "Understanding the Influence of Caregiver Subjective Social Status on Pediatric Health Outcomes"

Students and faculty at the Pathways Explore Symposium