2014-2015 Fellows





Research Mentor

Ryan Alward  Medicine   Summer Explore Characterization of Pituitary Adenomas and The Role of MIB-1 and p53 in Determining Tumor Aggression Dr. Manish Aghi
Nicolas Barcelo Medicine Yearlong The Effects of Area-level Deprivation and Community Violence on asthma susceptibility and asthma morbidity amongst Latino and African-American urban youth Dr. Esteban Burchard
Christopher Brunson Medicine Summer Explore Effects of Combination Radiotherapy and Temozolomide Treatment on Post-Resection Glioblastoma Tumor Evolution Dr. Joseph Costello
Catherine Burke Medicine Summer Explore Opioid Overdose in San Francisco: Characterizing Decedents to Identify Current Gaps in Outreach Dr. Phillip Coffin
Lauren Fryling Medicine Summer Explore Barriers to enrollment in Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act in urban homeless presenting to the emergency department. Dr. Robert Rodriguez
Donald Goens Medicine Summer Explore Assessing the Effect of a Virtual Patient Conferencing Program on Multidisciplinary Team Care of Interstitial Lung Disease Patients at UCSF Dr. Aenor Sawyer
Leah Goodman Medicine Summer Explore Factors Associated with Early Life Homelessness Versus Late Life Homelessness in Older Adults Dr. Margot Kushel
Walid Hamud-Ahmed Medicine Summer Explore Long-term mortality among gunshot wound survivors Dr. Jahan Fahimi
Daniel Herrador Medicine Summer Explore Understanding the Factors that Influence Body Image during Adolescence and Early Adulthood in Gay and Bisexual Men Dr. Emily Arnold
Elizabeth Johns Medicine Summer Explore The effects of age and race on gender-specific care for trans*female youth Dr. Willi McFarland
Sidney Le Medicine Summer Explore Regional Variation in Emergency Care Supply, Demand, and Quality in California Dr. Renee Hsia
Daniela Maristany Medicine Summer Explore The Language Gap: The impact of patient-provider primary language differences on patient understanding of head and neck cancer diagnoses and treatment recommendations Dr. Marika Russell
Adali Martinez Medicine Summer Explore Understanding the impact of a pediatric clinic-based social services intervention on families' subjective social status Dr. Laura Gottlieb
Myrna Mungal Medicine Yearlong The Human Cost of Gun Violence: A qualitative study examining the social consequences of gun violence seven years post injury Dr. Irene YenDr. Jahan Fahimi
Jordan Nahas-Vigon Medicine Yearlong The Impact of Peer Health Coaches on Diabetes and Hypertension Control in a San Francisco County Jail Dr. Jacqueline Tulsky
Daniel Novinson Medicine Summer Explore Creating an "Equality Index" Metric to Quantify Socioeconomic Diversity in Medical Schools Dr. Rene Salazar
Rebecca Olveda Medicine Summer Explore Growth and Development in Latino Children: Birth Weight, Telomere Length, and IGF-1 Dr. Janet Wojcicki
David Ramirez Medicine Summer Explore Histologic and Radiographic Examination of Old vs. Young Mouse Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Scaffold-Supported Bone Growth Dr. Alan Dang
James Salazar Medicine Summer Explore Reducing the Diagnostic Delay of Oropharyngeal Cancer Dr. Steven Wang
Sandeepa Sriram Medicine Summer Explore Assessing the Prevalence and Degree of Social Support (Friend/Familial, Community and Institutional) in an Older Homeless Population Dr. Margot Kushel
Angela Suen Medicine Summer Explore Chronic intranasal oxytocin as an adjunct to methadone maintenance treatment in patients with co-occurring opioid disorder and cocaine use: a 2-week pilot study Dr. Josh Woolley
Lena Sweeney Medicine Summer Explore Mortality Differences Among Undocumented ESRD Patients Receiving Routine Versus Emergent Hemodialysis Dr. Delphine Tuot
Griselda Velasquez Medicine Summer Explore Healthcare Utilization Patterns among Homicide Victims Dr. Jahan Fahimi
Tamiko Younge Medicine PROF-PATH Scholar Development and Validation of a Measurement of Monitored Social Engagement Among Adolescents Dr. Kaja LeWinn
Melissa Zheng Medicine Summer Explore Exploring Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Maternal Stress in a Safety-Net Setting Dr. Martha Shumway