Pathways Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Both exploration and completion of a Pathway to Discovery are possible without funding, but opportunities for funding are available to facilitate the growth of leadership and innovation competencies among UCSF learners. These opportunities can provide support for:

Learners and mentors can find general information about these opportunities by visiting one of the links above.

Apply via RAPtr

To learn more about any of the following aspects of the application process, visit the UCSF Resource Allocation Program for Trainees (RAPtr):

  • Deadlines
  • Eligibility
  • Application previews
  • Application preparation and support
  • Links to Application Forms
  • Mentor Roles and Endorsements
  • Funding Policies
  • Funding Program Requirements


Pathways Explore Funding

School of Medicine students:

Learners entering their second year of Medical School at UCSF can apply for funding to support up to 8 weeks of summer research and other summer opportunities:

  • Visit the RAPtr website (the Resource Allocation Program for Trainees) in January to learn more about available summer opportunities, applications, and deadlines
  • Medical students may seek funding for international clinical rotations as part of Global Health Pathway "Explore." Visit the RAPtr website to learn more about available funding and the Global Health Pathway site for advice and additional requirements related to international work.
For all health professional students:
  • Explore the Curriculum Ambassadors Program for learners who are available for 4-8 weeks during the summer can apply to participate in this training and innovation program
  • Visit the RAPtr website (the Resource Allocation Program for Trainees) in January to learn more about available summer opportunities, applications, and deadlines


Pathways Project Funding

Enrolled Pathways learners can apply for the following support via the RAPtr website unless otherwise indicated.  All funding is based upon a competitive application process.

Full-time yearlong projects for medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, and physical therapy students
  • UCSF-funded fellowships
    • stipend plus a range of additional support depending on the funding program
    • funding application can be reviewed simultaneously for Pathways enrollment
    • eligibility and requirements vary but all yearlong funded learners must complete a Pathway to Discovery
    • medical students must complete the MD with Distinction
    • Pathways Certificate Program registration option for yearlong, full-time research or scholarship
    • required Letter of Intent due via RAPtr by November 30th
    • application due in January
  • extramural fellowships
    • learners seeking yearlong funding will be directed to apply for extramural funding, as well, including NIH, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, CDC, Fullbright, Linker, and other fellowships open to their profession
    • eligibility and requirements vary but all funded learners who work at UCSF or seek the MD with Distinction must enroll to complete a Pathway by June 1st prior to the start of the research year
Direct project costs for enrolled Pathways learners from all schools, including residents
  • enrolled Pathways learners from all schools as well as residents are eligible for up to $1500 for reimbursement of direct project costs (most awards are under $500)
  • funding priorities
    • previously unfunded projects
    • projects not eligible for the more traditional research awards
    • learners in training programs with fewer funding options
    • quarterly deadlines
Costs of dissemination for enrolled Pathways learners from all schools, including residents
  • Enrolled Pathways learners from all schools as well as residents are eligible for up to $1500 for reimbursement of registration and materials associated with professional presentations.
  • New for 2014-2015: travel and speaker expenses are not eligible for reimbursement by this fund.
  • Residents completing clinical or translational research must apply for conference travel funds via the Resident Research Training Program
Full-time, quarter-long or other short-term project work
  • for health professional students
    • at 3-4 awards per year, rare
    • eiligibility limited to learners from health disparity populations or whose work addresses issues critical to health disparity populations
  • for GME residents
  • research project funding via the Resident Research Training Program
International project support for medical students
  • up to $1500 to support Pathways projects
  • read more about program and application details at the RAPtr website


Promoting Research Opportunities Fully Prospective Academics Transforming Health

A Pathways to Discovery program, PROF-PATH provides opportunities that facilitate academic research careers through

  • Career mentoring and leadership skill development
  • Mentored projects
  • Fellowships and research support
  • Tuition/Books/Conference Travel
  • Two ways to participate:
  • PROF-PATH Scholars Program for learners enrolled in UCSF Pathway to Discovery whether or not they are funded
  • PROF-PATH Fellowship for learners seeking sponsored (funded) year-long or quarterly research experience.

PROF-PATH yearlong and short-term research fellowships require participation in a Pathway to Discovery or an approved UCSF program with similar goals and degrees of learner oversight. Eligibility is restricted to health professional learners who

  • undertake research related to health disparity populations or the care of health disparity populations or
  • come from a health disparity population which is defined by NIH to include some ethnic minority, disability, and socio-economically disadvantaged learners

Learn more about PROF-PATH here

International Project Funding

Learners should consider opportunities for Pathways project funding above AND the directory of opportunities specific to international work in the

International Project Funding resource, including:

  • UCSF funding
  • University of California funding
  • government support
  • private funding
  • non-USCF deadlines

UCSF-funded opportunity deadlines are available at RAPtr.