Independent Project Work (IDS 140.20)

Learners who are enrolled in Pathways and are undertaking research or other projects must enroll in IDS 140.20 rather than research elective units in order to complete Independent Project Work.

Enrollment Requirements:

  • Enrollment in a Pathway to Discovery
  • Prior approval from the Pathway Director and mentor


Applications must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the period for which credit is requested.


  1. Consult school advisors to determine how many and when to schedule weeks of independent project work
  2. Alert mentors who will receive an endorsement form once the request for approval is submitted
  3. Submit the request for approval form
  4. Save the link to the application portal sent via email upon submission. Learners can consult this link to monitor when approval is received
  • Your project must be approved by both your Mentor and Pathway Director prior to application submission.  Please verify that your project proposal is ready for submission before completing your application for IDS 140.20 registration. 
  • Applicants must list specific tasks they will complete for each period requested
  • Credit may be requested for as little as 2 and up to 14 weeks total credit.
  • Applicants can request approval for up to three project periods (seasons) per submission
  • Students must register for IDS 140.20 units with UCSF Registrar (3 units per 2 weeks of requested time). 

Requesting Additional IDS 140.20 Time

If you have already submitted an application for IDS 140.20 Independent Project Work time, and would like to add additional time for any reason, please complete the IDS 140.20 Independent Project Work Addendum Form. Please remember that the maximum time allowed for IDS 140.20 Independent Project Work is 14 weeks, so please take this into account when adding time to the time you have already requested.


IMPORTANT: registration via the UCSF registrar is not sufficient and credit will not be given to learners who enroll in IDS 140.20 without director and mentor approval using the process outlined above.


For any questions regarding the application process, contact Pathways Central.  For questions related to the status of your grade, project approval or status, please contact your respective Pathway Director or mentor.