Dean's Prize for Research and Scholarship


Ten total Dean’s Prizes will be awarded to undergraduate medical students in the form of a Short-term Dean’s Prize and a Long-term Dean’s Prize.

Short-term Dean’s Prize: The first five prizes, awarded for short-term projects or research, are available to students who participated in the Pathways Explore summer program.  All winners will present their work at the Explore Symposium in January and receive their award from the Dean.

Long-term Dean’s Prize: The second five prizes, awarded for long-term research will be awarded to students enrolled in the Pathways to Discovery program.  All winners will present at the general assembly Pathways to Discovery Symposium in May.

Finalists will be selected based upon the submission of a one-page abstract, letter of nomination, and successful presentation to the faculty review committee.

Step 1: APPLY

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To enter the competition you must submit a well-planned and carefully written abstract of your work and a letter of nomination from a UCSF faculty member.  Plan ahead for your submission.  Letters of nomination are required at the time of application.


Finalists for both prizes will be notified three weeks after the application deadline.  Each finalist will present a six-minute summary of their work to the faculty selection committee during a week in December for Pathways Explore students and in the month of March for Pathways to Discovery students.


Winners will be notified one week after their presentation.  All winners will be asked to present either at the Pathway Explore Symposium in January or Pathways to Discovery Symposium in May.  Winners will be recognized by the Dean from the podium at each of these events. (Presenting a Scholarly Poster:

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