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2012 Projects and Prizes


Congratulations to learner Sanket Dhurva, MD (2010), and mentor Rita Redberg, MD, now colleagues, on their recent publications in JAMA, including an extensive review of the FDA Cardiovascular Device pre-market approval (PMA) process including issues related to gender bias. Dr. Dhurva recently wrote his Pathway Directors:

"Since the start of 2008 and my project on medical devices with Dr. Redberg, it has been quite a successful time and we've had 4 JAMA publications (one letter to the editor) and 2 NEJM along with grand rounds at UCSF and the VA hospital, and certainly we owe the H&S Pathway for helping to jumpstart us." Read more about their work


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Become a Pathways Mentor

Pathways learners are now encouraged to develop mentoring teams and we hope that alumni will consider joining them.

Benefits to current learners:

1. the opportunity to collaborate and build on the mentor's own work

2. insights on how to manage Pathways work and completion of training

3. advice on how learners can best use their Pathways experience to prepare for academic or other innovation careers

4. content and method expertise

Benefits to alumni:

1. contributions to continuity of alumni work

2. extention of work to address new questions and needs

3. continued networking with UCSF and other innovators

4. professional development as a mentor and/or instructor

To inquire about a mentoring role, please contact your specific Pathway director and thank you for considering a commitment to a Pathways learner.

Initiatives for Alumni Engagement and Support

Pathways alumni are crucial members of the UCSF Pathways community.  We are currently developing resources and opportunities to support your continued engagement in innovation with Pathways, including:

  • group longitudinal projects to enable long-term participation even beyond UCSF training
  • a web-based tool that Pathway learners can use to document their career develop during and after their UCSF training

Write to us with suggestions on how we can continue to support your innovation career!

Support a Pathways Learner Project

We ask that you consider funding a Pathways project as one way to address a pressing health science question or healthcare need. Funding for research and innovation training can enable learners to take on questions with substantial real world impact.  The funds available to our learners vary depending on their field and school. Your donation of any amount can contribute to:

  • direct project costs
  • short-term immersive work
  • yearlong immersive work
  • costs of travel and materials for dissemination of work
  • scholarships to support the learners in their UCSF training program

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to talk further about opportunities to support learners.  Thank you very much.