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The UCSF School of Medicine Student Dashboard provides a secure, online tool that allows students to access their performance information in order to support self-directed learning and professional development. At UCSF, we believe that medical students should have data-based tools to chart their individualized course through the curriculum as an important component of the lifelong learning skills they are developing. An integrated view of performance data allows students to gauge their relative strengths and areas for improvement, and, with their faculty coaches, develop data-driven action plans.

About the Bridges Student Dashboard (Class of 2020) 

Bridges Student Dashboard

The Bridges Student Dashboard includes key performance metrics by competency:

Medical Knowledge: Exam ratings; longitudinal Medical Knowledge Categories performance

Practice-Based Learning & Improvement (PBLI): Learning and development plans; weekly checkpoints summary

Professionalism: Evaluation Compliance

Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC): Feedback from IPC survey

Patient Care, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, and Systems-Based Practice are in development.

Documents containing performance information, such as summative exam score reports and course grade reports, are also available in the Dashboard. 

About the iROCKET Student Dashboard (Classes of 2017, 2018, 2019)

The iROCKET Student Dashboard includes information related to student performance in two of the UCSF MD competencies:

iROCKET Student Dashboard

Professionalism: The Dashboard displays information about student professional behavior across the curriculum. The purpose of this dashboard is to summarize professionalism information from the Essential Core (EC), Clinical Core, and the Clinical Performance Exam (CPX).

Medical Knowledge: The Dashboard displays information about student performance on medical knowledge assessments across the curriculum. Student performance in the Essential Core Subjects, which are tracked longitudinally, are displayed along with the possible points and the class average for each subject. Also included are student Overall EC Subject Scores. Student clerkship medical knowledge ratings from summary evaluations, clerkship examination scores, and MCAT, USMLE Step 1 and 2 scores, as available, are also included.

The iROCKET Student Dashboard also contains evaluation comments from students' clerkship evaluations.

Accessing the Student Dashboards

Access to the Dashboards is limited to current UCSF School of Medicine students, their faculty advisor, and a small number of School administrators. Users must be on the UCSF WPA network, or connected remotely to the network (Junos Pulse recommended):