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Medical Education
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Request a Grade Change

Changing a Provisional Grade

If a student receives a provisional grade for a course (I, E, Y, or NP), he or she must petition to change the grade after completing make-up work for the course. Download a 'Removal of Provisional Grade' form from the Registrar's website. Fill in everything EXCEPT the Authorizing Signature, the section labeled 'To Be Filled In by Instructor,' and payment information, and submit the form to Medical Student Services in S-245 for authorizing signature. Do not take the form to your instructor.

Once the form has been signed by John Davis, PhD, MD (you will be notified when this is complete), take it to the Registrar (MU-200W) and submit it along with the required $5 payment. The Registrar will contact your instructor to obtain your final grade.

It is strongly recommended that you petition a grade change immediately following the completion of makeup work so that the corrections will appear on your transcript and your academic record in good standing. If you have any questions about this process, please call Medical Student Services at 476-1216.

Appealing for a Course Grade Change

Students who do not feel that their summary evaluation or grade accurately reflected their performance have up to four weeks after being notified of their summary evaluation or grade to ask for clarification or review of the grade from the course, site, clerkship, or elective director. Please read the official policy and procedures here.