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Curriculum Governance

The School of Medicine curriculum committee structure (see below) includes the Committee on Curriculum and Educational Policy (CCEP), an Executive Committee, a Student Committee, and four subcommittees. Each subcommittee performs a specific function within the curriculum or oversees one element of the curriculum. In addition to the subcommittees, the work, as it relates to the curriculum, of the Associate Dean for Students, Associate Dean for Assessment and Professional Standards and the Associate Dean for Medical Education is informed by the Associate Deans’ Advisory Boards as indicated below in the diagram. Student representatives are members of all subcommittees and advisory boards.

UCSF School of Medicine Curriculum Governance Structure:

Updated Curriculum Governance Information

For updated information about topics or issues discussed at our curriculum governance meetings, UCSF staff, students and faculty may access meeting minutes and other governance information here.

Curriculum Feedback

UCSF has a comprehensive curriculum evaluation program that allows us to engage in quality improvement. In this program, students have a variety of ways to provide feedback on their academic experiences. 

Questions or Comments?

For more information about our governance structure and for questions about topics discussed at our curriculum governance meeting, please email  

Ad Hoc Committees

The UCSF School of Medicine also appoints committees and working groups as needed for oversight of a particular issue or to review and make recommendations on a specific aspect of the curriculum.