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Anesthesia 3rd, 4th Marie Lim  Charlene Blake, MD


Alissa Boado

Eric Woodruff

Brad Monash, MD
CPX   Stephanie Kaner Kanade Shinkai, MD, PhD
Dermatology 3rd, 4th Laura Harrison Erin Amerson, MD
Emergency Medicine SFGH/Parn Sandra Lieu Aaron Harries, MD
Highland Jackie Alberto Caitlin Bailey, MD
Family & Community Medicine 3rd, 4th Roy Johnston Margo Vener, MD, MPH
Foundations of Patient Care Year 2 Laura Burns Heather Whelan, MD
Fresno Programs all courses Kasan Jones Kenny Banh, MD
IDS 140.60 Expanding WikiProject Tina Tai

Amin Azzam, MD

IDS 196 Teaching  

Please contact the Director of the course you'd like to teach:
Foundations 1 Courses

Intersessions (IDS 112) Intersessions Amanda Nguyen Larry Haber, MD
KLIC   Laurel De Cou

Nardine Riegels, MD

Tali Ziv, MD

Lab Medicine 140.01, 140.08 Andy Yeh  
140.07 William Ho Reid Rosehill
Longitudinal Clinical Experience (LCE)   Irma Moreno

Meg Pearson, MD

Margo Vener, MD, MPH

LIFE   Kasan Jones

Kenny Banh, MD FACEP

Loren Alving, MD

Medicine 3rd, 140.01 (Sub-Is) Lisa Carella Cindy Lai, MD
4th year electives (not Sub-Is) Emerald Wong
Model ZSFG   Sandi Borok Margo Vener, MD, MPH
Neurology 3rd Karl Kanner Vanja Douglas, MD
4th Jennifer Cantero
Neurological Surgery 4th Maricar Ariosa Michael McDermott, MD
2-week Subspecialty Maricar Ariosa
Obstetrics & Gynecology 3rd, 4th Julie Lindow Jeannette Lager, MD, MPH
Ophthalmology   Michelle (Shelle) Libberton Jacque Duncan, MD
Oral Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS)   Pearl Zulueta Brian Bast, MD, DMD
Orthopaedic Surgery  

James Warren

Nikki Schroeder (All OSURG courses) and Daniel Petersen (Orthopaedic Surgery Selective Director, OSURG 140.05 only) 
Otolaryngology (ENT)   Brendan Ahearn Anna Meyer, MD

Torrick Taylor

Kirsten Dahmen

Raga Ramachandran, MD, PhD
Pathways/RAPtr   Matt Trojnar Chris Stewart, MD
Pediatrics   Doris Masferrer

Sara Buckelew, MD

Tim Kelly, MD


Irma Moreno

Maria Wamsley, MD

Psychiatry 3rd Sharon Salapare  Demian Rose, MD
4th Tina Tai Descartes Li, MD
Radiation Oncology   Miriam Gray Patricia Sneed, MD
Radiology   Tomas Bolivar  Emily Webb, MD
Surgery 3rd Wenia Lee Andre Campbell, MD
4th Heidi Crist
Urology   Katherine Jung Donna Deng, MD
Kirsten Greene, MD
VALOR   TBD Calvin Chou, MD