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Bridges Curriculum Advising Model for Class of 2020

Every Bridges student has a comprehensive support team. The team consists of the Bridges Coach, the Student Experience Faculty Advisor, and the Academic Advisor. The Coaches provide comprehensive general learning support. Coaches work in collaboration with the Student Experience Faculty Advisors who offer specialty advising focused on academic and personal success and early career decision-making. Academic Advisors, housed within the Medical Student Center, provide advising focused on academic support, entering and exiting the curriculum, Foundations 2 and Career Launch clerkship placement, and the residency application process. Career Advisors within clinical departments provide advising focused on supporting each student’s residency match. Below please find additional information about each of these advising system components.

Who's on Your Advising Team?

  • Coaches – The Coaches are clinician educators who provide academic guidance for students and support their professional and personal development throughout their medical school curriculum. Coaches work with groups of five to six students starting in the Clinical Microsystem Clerkship (CMC) and follow those students throughout their time in medical school.
  • Student Experience Faculty Advisors – Every CMC site also has a designated Student Experience Faculty Advisor. The Faculty Advisors provide specialized advising in individualized career exploration, research and leadership opportunities, academic strategies, preparation for licensure exams, and wellness.
  • Academic Advisors - Cha Viloria and Amanda Dohse advise students ont he curriculum and help ensure that all requirements are met while students also pursue personal areas of interest.
  • Career Advisors - Career Advisors are UCSF faculty who have been selected by their department to advise medical students through the specialty selection and residency application process.
  • UIM Specialist Dr. Denise Davis leads advising services with programming for medical students from underrepresented groups, including but not limited to, students of color, LGBTQ students, and first generation college students.
  • Associate Deans - Dr. John Davis, Associate Dean for Curriculum, and Dr. Lee Jones, Associate Dean for Students, are always happy to meet with medical students to discuss their curricular progress, career planning, or general advising questions.